Marty Stuart and his wife, Connie getting divorced?

HitBerryPublished on   01 Apr, 2016Updated on   31 May, 2018

Who says dreams don’t come true and some people are absolutely unreachable? Well, wipe these discouraging thoughts off because dreams do come true and who’s a better example for this than the rock star Marty Stuart?

If you’ve felt even a bit of panic with rumors of the Marty-Connie divorce, let us clear this once. Well, Marty Stuart and his wife Connie relationship are going quite pretty. They're still one of the happiest "the husband and wife".

Marty Stuart and his wife, Connie

Born in Philadelphia, Mississippi Marty Stuart was obsessed with country music and Connie Smith from a very early age. Connie and Marty met when 11-year-old Marty attended one of Connie’s concert. Having a crush of extraordinary proportions on her, he told his mother that Connie was the girl he’d marry. Marty's mom had struck up a friendship with the songbird and Connie calls her "one of my best friends in the whole world."

 Although this did come true after 25 years, Marty hadn’t quite kept his word when he married Johnny Cash’s daughter Cindy Cash in 1983 only to separate after 5 years.

Stuart and Smith reunited when Connie decided to begin recording again after quite a break (to take care of her children) and enlisted Marty's services. Roger Hits further elaborates the scoop on the enchanting love story:

 “But more than just beautiful music sprouted from that partnership.”

"The two of them have an emotional bond because of their family friends," says the source. "Marty and Connie took things very slowly. They were crazy about each other as friends, but they hesitated to show their true feelings. Before they avoided photographers but now they happily pose for photos holding hands. They make a great couple, even if it is a little unorthodox."

In spite of 19 years of the age gap and various traditional troubles, this strong going couple is a beautiful one and it makes everyone hopeful, makes you believe in love!

Marty Stuart Career

The multi-talented artist Marty Stuart began to perform at the age of 12 with the bluegrass group “The Sullivan Family”. His formal recording career started in 1985 when he accompanied Johnny Cash to Memphis. He also played on the “Class of 55” album alongside Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and Jerry Lee Lewis.

Later that year, Stuart left Cash’s band landing a recording contract with Columbia Records. His first album “Marty Stuart” produced a Top 20 hit on the Billboard Country Charts.

Stuart has been the host of The Marty Stuart Show, which features traditional country music. Stuart also happens to be quite a writer and has written articles and published photos of Country singers for various magazines. An accomplished lead singer, Marty also excels at background vocals and harmony, particularly in his gospel offerings.

Between 1991 and 1992 Marty and Travis went on the road for the "No Hats" tour, referring to "hat acts," as every mainstream country singer was wearing a cowboy hat on stage. Despite having a massive fan following, Marty has had a very hard time finding follow-up commercial success. Stuart finally received commercial success after releasing his first album on MCA, Hillbilly Rock in 1990 when two songs from Hillbilly Rock became hits. The title track, "Hillbilly Rock," was his first Top Ten hit on the Country charts. The other song, "Western Girls," broke the Top 20.

Because of his hard work and dedication towards his career, Stuart has an estimated net worth of $8 million.