Married Since 1999; Jerry Seinfeld Living a Blissful Married Life With Wife Jessica Sklar and Children

Foreb's highest-paid comedian Jerry Seinfeld is currently living a happy life with his wife and children. No wonder this man was in and out of some relationships in past but he is surely a family oriented man now. Married to Jessica Sklar for 17 long years he is a perfect example of an ideal husband. 


So, if you like his comedy and are interested in knowing his personal life facts, then here we have compiled his relationship with his wife and family, along with his past affairs and all about how he met his current life partner and his kid's mother. So let's begin exploring his married life in today's digest. 

Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklar Dating History and Affair

Currently, Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklar run a family of five but when they started dating none of these two believed that this was meant to last forever but looking at their current relationship status everyone should definitely believe in fate. 

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Let's have a look at their story in Oprah's show:

Sometimes people only need a moment to fall in love with each other and all the differences and conditioning of the society can't stop two souls to fall in love with each other. This saying fits this lovely couple because the Multi-millionaire comedian met Jessica Sklar, formally when she was a public relations executive for Tommy Hilfiger, in 1999.

CAPTION: Jessica Seinfeld with her husband Jerry Seinfeld
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But the love between them wasn't a corporate meeting turned to love. Their love story flourished in Reebok Sports Club on New York City's Upper West Side while they were both working out in the fitness club. Sounds like a trouble-free marriage but it was not, keep reading what stopped Jerry and Jess from wildly romancing even after they both liked each other?

Romantic Proposal and marriage of Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklar

Their love story looks like a plot of a movie because the magnetism worked pretty fast after they met at the fitness club but there was a small problem (to be honest it was a six-foot-tall problem).


Keeping it Fresh after 17 years, today ????

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Yes, you guessed it right! Jessica had another man in her life. Broadway show producer Eric Nederlander and Sklar were newly married couple who had returned from their honeymoon right before Jessica met Jerry but that didn't stop them to fall for each other. Quickly, Sklar realized that it was a bad decision hence her previous marriage failed and only after that, Jerry Seinfeld and Jessica Sklar started dating and later got married.

Let's take a look at another picture of this lovely couple at a red carpet event:

CAPTION: American Philanthropist Jessica and her husband Jerry Seinfeld
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The 46-year-old American Philanthropist Jessica Seinfeld and her husband have lived happily for such a long time and so far we here no rumors of their divorce or separation. Despite having past histories, both the partners are seen super supportive towards each other. The couple is possibly living happily in the family of five without any rumors of cheating or dishonesty from either side.

How did Jerry Seinfeld Break it down to Jessica Sklar?

Kneeling on the floor with a large Tiffany diamond ring on his hands, Jerry proposed marriage to Sklar in New York City's trendy SoHo boite Balthazar on a fine Saturday evening on  November 6, 1999, and Jessica couldn't say no and the later part of the story is a 17 years strong married life between this lovebirds. 

After about a month, the couple tied their knot on December 25, 1999. The married couple is blessed with three lovely children. Their eldest daughter is Sascha Seinfeld, Julian Kal Seinfeld is the second son in the family and the youngest son they have is Shepherd Kellen Seinfeld. The family recently went on a vacation together and looking at the picture we can guess how beautiful Seinfeld family is. 

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Jessica Seinfeld's After Motherhood Business and Charitable work

Motherhood surely gives experience and a few people can even capitalize on it too, Jessica Seinfeld launched a Pushes Baby Buggy, in 2001, after the birth of her first child. Reportedly some portion of her income from the project goes to charity to many of underprivileged moms. Jessica Seinfeld also released a cookbook which she promoted in Oprah Winfrey's talk show. 

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CAPTION: Jessica Seinfeld hosted 2013 Baby Buggy Bash
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She is also seen attending the different charity event with her husband and despite having a celebrity status her hunger to help the poor and underprivileged families shows Jessica's personality.

Jerry Seinfeld's past relationships

Jerry before marrying Jessica lived a colorful life as he was in and out of many relationships he was together with Senfield. He dated Jennifer Crittenden in 1998 and after his breakup, with Crittenden, he dated Shoshanna Lonstein from 1993to 1997 for four years but he wasn't able to save this one as well.

His name was tied to Tawny Kitaen, Susan McNabb, Monica Yates, Caryn Trager and Angela Hickerson as well but it was Jessica Seinfeld who rang the bell and walked down the aisle with the funny man.