Marlene Forte is Living Happily with Husband Oliver Mayer and Children; Know her Married Life

February 4, 2018
First Published On: February 4, 2018

A Cuban-turned successful Hollywood actress, Marlene Fort looks like a charismatic and determined woman. In all of her movies, she has portrayed a strong woman, and that strength is also seen in her real life. Outside big screens, she is a mother and a wife who is married to husband Oliver Mayer.


With her feisty looks and decades of hard work, she has become a household name in the Hollywood industry. The actress is living a blissful married life with husband, Oliver Mayer. But, is she happy with him? Scroll down to get details on the marital status of Marlene Forte. Also, know all about her children:

Love life of Marlene Forte and Oliver Mayer

Marlene has always been a secretive person. So, not much is there to talk about her married life with husband, Oliver Mayer. It has been 11 years since the couple got married on 2nd July 2006.

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Details regarding her dating history are all private so, the details of how they met and how they fell in love are still hidden. But, to talk about her current life, it can be said that the actress is living happily with the playwright.


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With an increase in the use of social media platforms and the internet, it has become a bit easier for us to guess how she is living with her love. The actress keeps posting family photos on Instagram and Twitter accounts.

We can see that Forte is having a blast every day after marrying Oliver. Since her married life has already crossed a decade, they must have children, don’t they?

Marlene Fort and Oliver Mayer’s Children

Marlene Fort and Oliver Mayer have no children together. But, Oliver is a proud step-dad of Marlene’s four children. Her children are Giselle, Alexis, Andre and Christian Rodriguez.

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Besides her biological children, Marlene has a foundation to help other children. She created the Marlene Angel Babies Foundation in the year 2014 to help families with no babies. According to the foundation website, she has donated over 4500 angel gowns and is affiliated with 22 hospitals.

Having a successful professional life, Marlene Forte has also been seen as a perfect wife and a mother to her children. Already living a happy life, we can only pray for Marlene more success in the future.