Marla Sokoloff's Husband Alec Puro loves his Wife & Daughters. Marla's Ex-Boyfriend is James Franco

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Your life is not meant to be spent with one person always. In this journey of finding one self and "love" we meet many people and more than that we learn from all those relationships. However, ultimately we do get the HEA and hat's what it all matters. A similar situation like this  occured in the life of Malra Sokoloff who did find love with ex-boyfriend James Franco but ultimately found her solace with her husband Alec Puro.The couple is now blessed with two beautiful daughters Elliotte Anne (2012) and Olive Mae (2015).

Marla and Alec had a marriage ceremony at Beverly Hills. The then 28-year-old bride was looking gorgeous in a strapless white gown with a black sash around her waist. She arrived at ii Cielo restaurant to tie the knot with her drummer husband at 5:50 pm. She came up with 5 bridesmaids and two matrons of honor carrying a white bouquet of flowers. The Practice star Marla Sokoloff and the drummer (band Deadsy) Alec Puro married on November 7, 2009.


Beautiful Marla Sokoloff in her bridal dress      Source: zimbio

Relationship of Marla Sokoloff and Alec Puro

The couple met at a party dtaed each other since 2004 and got engaged in October 2008. When Marla was pregnant with her first baby girl Elliotte, Puro was always there as her caretaker. And while they were expecting their second child, Alec was equally excited as Marla for their second princess.

“Not only is it a full-time job, but it also comes with an iron-clad lifetime membership to the worry club. It’s definitely challenging — but it’s the best job I’ve had to date.”

Marla Sokoloff’s affair with James Franco

James Franco and Marla Sokoloff at 54th Annual Emmy Awards 

James Franco and Marla Sokoloff met each other while working.The ex-couple after meeting in the sets of “Whatever It Takes” they started dating in 1999. Though they stayed together for a few years but both of them mostly remained quiet about their relationship. Reportedly the couple was very much in love and it was just a wish of fate to separate them. 

Everything happens for a good reason and Alec was a good reason after she broke up with Franco. She is blessed with an awesome husband like Alec. Drummers are the dream boy of the majority of the girls and she is living the dream of other girls. Lucky lady, Marla!

Marla Sokoloff’s role in TV series FRIENDS

There might just a few who have not watched FRIENDS. The American sitcom hads managed to charm everyone and no bod is spared from the magic. Now being associated with a show like that is any artsits biggest desire and Marla got a chnace there as well. Although the role was pretty minor she was a part of this series and that is just enough.She portrayed the role of Deena Tribbian, the sister of one of the major character Joey Tribbiani (Matt LeBlanc). Among many sisters of Joey, she is the eldest one and has portrayed the role of a bubbly girl in the eighth season, episode 10 “The One with Monica’s Boots”. Here is a video for you-

Who is Marla Sokoloff?

Born in San Francisco, Marla did her graduation from the Loss Angeles County High School for the Arts. Her TV series credits Boy Meets World, Over the Top, Burn Notice, The Fosters, etc. Playing in more than 30 TV series and many films, Marla has a net worth of $ 500 Thousand.

We hope the Marla and the whole family have a prosperous life ahead.