Mark Sheppard, who has previously acted in movies like Megamind, was reluctant to talk about the "Supernatural" Season 11 spoilers in his Comic Con interviews

July 28, 2015
First Published On: July 28, 2015
by HitBerry

Spoiler Alert!!!

Supernatural actor Mark Sheppard might be reluctant to say anything about his character in the upcoming season of the hit TV series but his fans already know about the fate of his character this season.

Sheppard who plays Crowley ‘The King of Hell’ in CW’s American Horror Drama series was not willing to spill any beans about his fate in the Season 11. But the cast and crew of the TV show, who appeared at the San Diego Comic Con earlier this month, gave their loyal fans and the media a lot of information and details about the twist and turns that will take place this season. He kept mum during the interview.

According to the producer, the season’s upcoming Impala episode will feature what Sam and Dean do when they’re not out hunting demons and monsters.

 However Sheppard didn’t seem much willing to open up about his character in front of the fans. He remained tight-lipped the whole time. He didn’t give away any information about what’s going to happen to Crowley in the Season 11. He simply brushed off the fans query by saying that “I’m dead,” and he was just attending the panel as a fan.

After his quirk response, fans took to Twitter and Instagram to comment on the death of his character.

Though we didn’t get any major information about his role in the new season, his response is directly pointing at the fact that Crowley is probably dead and Sheppard won’t revive his character as the king of hell again.

The death of Sheppard’s character may not be permanent as the Supernatural series may take unexpected turn in future to bring the notorious yet beloved Crowley back.

Crowley who was exploring his relationship with his mother Rowena in last season said how he wanted to guest star on Supernatural at some point. We hope he does.

Mark Sheppard is an extremely talented actor who has appeared in number of movies and impressed audiences and critics alike with his outstanding acting skills.

He was born in London on an Irish-German background. Besides being known for his role on Supernatural, he is also famous for his roles in TV shows Battlestar Galactica reboot, Leverage and Firefly. He has also appeared in numerous movies like Megalodon, Evil Eyes, Unstoppable, Broken and several more.

Besides acting this hot actor is also active in music. He became a professional musician at the age of 15. He reached the height of his career as a recording and touring artist for many years. He worked with band, Robyn Hitchcock, the Television Personalities and the Irish group Light, a Big Fire. Sheppard played drums on Light, a Big Fire's second album. He recorded albums for many groups throughout Europe before moving to the USA.

Son of actor W. Morgan Sheppard married wife Jessica in 2004 but their marriage ended on divorce after ten years of their wedding. They have two children named Max Sheppard and Will Sheppard.