Mark Richt lost temper and Grabbed an Official's Arm on the field but wasn't let go of the Tournament 

Frank FancherPublished on   31 Dec, 2017Updated on   28 Apr, 2021

Capital One Orange Bowl tournament game showcased an unusual incident today. As Wisconsin had scored 14 consecutive points on Miami, en route to 21, at the Orange Bowl, Mark Richt owned his team a penalty in the oddest way possible. What if we told you "The Coach misbehaved like a teenager with a referee team?"

Here is the detailed news on the whole issue:

Mark as a coach made a very unprofessional move as he was seen making a physical contact with one of the officials during a timeout which was no way acceptable.

As per the rule formulated in the letter of the law, Mark's action was punishable with the ejection from the game.

After the incident when reporter Molly McGrath asked Richt about the reason behind him being upset; Richt replied

"If you watch the tape you’ll see” and walked away.

In the first half, Badgers lead the scoreboard by 24 to 14.