Marisa Miller, age 37, losing her pregnant weight with help from husband Griffin Guess

September 17, 2015
First published on:September 17, 2015
by HitBerry

 American super model and actress, Marisa Miller, aged 37, has proved once again that she is one of the fittest people in the world. The model, mostly known for her appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue and her work for Victoria's Secret, put on heavy weight during her pregnancy with her second son Grayson Lee Bazyl Guess earlier this year. But miraculously, the hot bombshell is back in shape now, four months after delivering her child.

It is hard to believe, isn’t it? But, if you belong to the world of fashion and style, then you’ve got to maintain your body in order to fit in and Miller knows that very well. The model had put on heavy weight while she was pregnant for the second time. The first time, when she was expecting, the mother of two had a hard yet fun time getting back into shape. She successfully shed her pregnancy fat within seven months after giving birth to her first son Gavin Lee Guess.

Miller followed an active lifestyle and an organic diet in order to gain a perfectly sexy figure. The actress admitted that she went all natural to lose weight. She lost her baby weight mostly by hiking, surfing, doing Pilates five days a week and staying active throughout the day.

Miller was able to lose weight easily, all thanks to her active and healthy lifestyle. We know the sex symbol loves healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately the model gained too much weight during her pregnancy and she struggled a lot to shed all those pounds. Miller, who was ranked No. 1 on Maxim magazine's 2008 "Hot 100" list and in FHM's global 2010 "Sexiest Women in the World" poll admitted that her second pregnancy was a struggle as she could not lose the excess fat from her body as easily as she has expected. She felt hopeless this time and thought she would remain overweight for the rest of her life.

You must be wondering, “Miller looks fine, so how did she lose all her access weight?” Here’s the answer; with the help of her husband and music producer Griffin Guess.

The former ambassador of the American Cancer Society revealed that if it was not for her husband, she might not have had lost her post pregnancy weight. She said that she didn’t feel like working out or eating healthy when pregnancy took hold of her. She had become a voracious eater. She ate so much during her pregnancy that she put on more weight than she had expected to. She enjoyed food so much that she could not go back to her work after the delivery with a body like that.

“I could not possibly walk the ramp with a body this huge. I knew I had to lose weight if I wanted to get back to the modeling world again. But I was reluctant,” said the model.

“It was Griffin who always pushed me forward. He wanted me to be who was I before. He encouraged and even threw away some junk food from the refrigerator. And when I asked, he said, “they are in the dumpster, honey”. I could do nothing but cry,” she revealed.

“It was then he convinced me to work out. I promised him to stay fit and eat healthy as long as he gave me a bar a chocolate every week,” laughed Miller.

After that, the couple both started their exercise regime. “We worked out in the morning and spent the rest of the day with boys and this is how I got my sexy and beautiful body back,” Miller said with a huge grin on her face. She also added that she felt more comfortable with her body and more beautiful now.

Miller and her husband, who is the owner of Cartel Management and Cartel Records, married on April 15, 2006. They had been dating for a long time. She gave birth to their first son on December 14, 2012 and the second son on May 29, 2015.

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