Marina Drujko is rumored to be romantically linked with more than 45 people. Who are they?

July 8, 2016
First published on:July 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Yes, it's about the russian model, Marina Drujko.

Drujko's on fire in dating men. She has around 47 rumored relationships. Looking at her figures, her average relationship is 6 months and has shortest relationship of 7 months. However, 20 rumored dating have been confirmed relationship through media report.

Drujko is a girl something to to be known about. She's just 32 years, and she has a whole amount of time for beginning another relationship. She won't stop dating with new faces that's for sure.

So we'll be gawping at her dating history.

Marina Drujko's first encounter was Pavel Lobkov. They were rumored to have spent time each other. However exact dating of them is still not open to the public. Keith Flint came to contact after him. Sources tell they had a good relationship but that also didn't lasted long because Benjamin Kowalewicz was coming along. Marina Drujko was rumored to have hooked up with Kawalewicz. Dima Snake and Gleb Samoyloff  became another victim soon after it. Samoyloff was from Russian rock band "Agatha Christie" which was major claimed to fame in Russian Legendary Music Industry. Samoyloff couldn't stick to Drujko, and drujko wasn't stopping. New face Mathieu Amalric came and soon after him Stainslav Sadalskiy, a Soviet and Russian actor came in line. Sadalskiy was being nominated for Nika Award for Best Supporting Actor.

Marina Drujko then dated with Alan Cumming and an Argentine actor, Diego Ramos. Ramos was best known for his performance as Herman Castillo in the TV series named Violetta. Uwe Boll fell for the 10th guy to be dating drujko and Jeremy Baker, Urs Meier, Boris Astrin, Anatoliy Ivanichenko, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Til Lindemann, Vadim Samoilov, Jeremy Hudgins, Lance Henriksen (2000) fell in line.

From 20 - 30 numbers of her dating career started with Lenny von Dohlen(2002-2003), Gregory Leps and Mattias Lindblom in 2003, Crispin Glover (2004/2005), Mikhail vinogradov(2005), Vlastimil Pertzela (2005), Sergey Drujko (2005-2006), Andrew Divoff (2006-2007), Alexey Fad and Larry Drake. Between those times, Marina Drujko was married to Sergey Drujko for 2 months. They dated for 10 months and got married in November 2005. They had no children and divorced later.

30 - 40 (From early 2009 - late 2010)of her dating men were Tim Curry, David O'Hara, Amir Derakh, Kevin Spirtas, Gustavo Guillen, Michael Weston, Joel Kirby, Sandra Nasic, Richard Kruspe and Aleksandr Treshev. Sandra Nasic was a female Croatian and German singer. At some point of time Drujko's and Nasic relation was rumored to be lesbian.

Marina Drujko was on fire with dating men and she wasn't stopping for no men. Daniel lavoie, Vsevolod chaplin, Georgy (Tikhon) Shevkunov, Sergiy Chashin, Boris Lordkipanidze, Oleg Steniaev and Evgeniy Pansenkoff. Drujko dated Pansenkoff in early Jan 2012.


Marina Drujko wants completely free life out of the vision of media's world. So most of her social networking sites like twitter are also protected with visibility only from her confirmed followers.

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