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Marika Fruscio's dating life. Boyfriend or any relationship? Find out her wardrobe malfunction

September 14, 2017
First published on:November 6, 2016
by John

Marika Fruscio is a media personality and a TV presenter. The looks she possesses, men go crazy for her and people really can’t keep their eyes of her t**s. So, what you do think? She sure is a looker, isn’t it obvious that she has a secret boyfriend? I definitely think that she is in a relationship, man.

Also, find out about her wardrobe malfunction. Trust me, you don’t wanna miss it. Lol

Marika Fruscio’s Boyfriend

We can see plenty of pictures of her with different men. But we are kind of a ‘Jon Snow’ for now if you know what I mean. Cuz you know, she has been able to keep her love life off the media; and it appears as though Marika doesn’t want all people to know about her secret boyfriend.

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Source: Instagram

Well, we can’t say anything if she doesn’t wanna share, right? But I hope that she does one day. However, I am gonna share some of her coolest pictures with different guys. But hey, try to make sure that you don’t stick your eyes at her t**s, her boyfriend might kill you, ya know. Kidding, stare as much as you want peeps.

Marika Fruscio’s Wardrobe Malfunction

So, I tripped on one her videos on YouTube. And the right words for the action would be ‘Wardrobe Malfunction’, I guess! You can see it for yourself. I can’t comprehend this thing right now. Would that be a publicity stunt or is that her style of appearing on TV, I am still kinda tripping like I said.

Marika's 'wardrobe malfunction'.

Marika's 'wardrobe malfunction'.

Source. ">YouTube

It might be seen that she is consistently trynna cover it as much as she could. But the dress just doesn’t grope her and media people wouldn’t let that go easily. However, we can assume that she didn’t really mean to do that in front of the camera. And I really hope for her best to not pull that kinda stunt in the public.

Who is Marika Fruscio?

Well, there isn’t any Wikipedia page of hers. But it appears as though she is a model and a TV personality who rose to fame through her beauty; and of, her t**s.

Source: Instagram

And furthermore, she has been able to make herself appear on different magazine covers and TV shows as well.

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