Marie Henein and her husband Glen Jennings, who already have two children together expecting another baby?

HitBerryPublished on   30 Mar, 2016Updated on   12 May, 2021

Baby Alert!!!

This time the baby news is not of a movie celebrity but of a star who has twinkled the nation with justice and impartiality.

Yes, we are talking about the smartest, toughest and most sought after lawyer of Canada – Marie Henein.

This tough brunette, age 49 is often in the news for her great command in justice and winning over of the judicial cases. But this time, she has been the hotcake because she is expecting baby with hubby Glen Jennings. He is the lawyer who heads the white collar defense and investigation group at the law firm Gowlings.

 Marie has started to lower down the number of judicial cases appearing before her. She has cut off her late night working and evaluating the cases. Not only that she is often taking leave from the court to visit a gynecologist, say rumors.

When it was suggested that she is skipping drinks and instead of drinks taking proper diet as per schedules, it was guessed that Marie is certainly expecting a baby.

She is taking special care of her body. Nowadays, she is mostly concentrated in medical information rather than the legal one, says source.

Not only Marie, but her husband Glen too has started taking care of his wife.

Sources add that the couple is too excited to welcome their third child to the family. They already have two children.

Seems like the Jennings couple is waiting for a baby girl-a princess who would follow mamma's steps.

Despite the fact that Marie is a well-known lawyer, she keeps her personal life to a low profile. She is under the limelight professionally but in the case of personal matters, she is very private.

Neither Marie nor her husband Glen has talked anything on their pregnancy matters. Because of which more or less no information has been gathered on the pregnancy issue of Marie.

Talking about Marie Henein, she is a Canadian criminal lawyer and partner of Henein Hutchison LLP, a law firm in Toronto.

She has defended several innocent victims of the law with strong witnesses and proofs. She is considered as a legend lawyer and a power woman.

Marie is also the lawyer of the former CBC radio host Jian Ghomeshi. Back in November 2014, Jian was acquitted of sexual abuse and choking charges. He hired Marie Henein as his defense lawyer. It was a controversial case which was responsible to increase the fame of Marie Henein.

Her works for criminal defense are praise worthy. She has been example for all the women not only in Canada but around the world.

Best wishes to the Jennings couple for their future.

Marie and Glen!

We are waiting for you to announce the baby.