Mariah Carey embarrassed by Piers Morgan in Good Morning Britain when asked about Las Vegas massacre

Piers Morgan made a very unprofessional move in his morning show Good Morning Britain, which was covering Mariah Carey live from satellite and was live on the show to promote her Christmas tour.


Morgan after finding of the Sunday Las Vegas mass shooting which claimed at least 50 lives and left more than 500 casualties injured brought the unaware singer into the conversation who was seating in front of the Christmas tree with zero ideas on what going on, all of the sudden.

Paris Morgan Mariah Carey Paris Morgan asked Mariah Carey on Las Vegas mass Killings

The host of Good Morning Britain, Piers Morgan, asked Carey's view on the worst mass shooting in the US history, and the singer's reaction was very awkward and uncomfortable as she was unaware of what was going on in Las Vegas that Sunday.

While asked about her feelings regarding Vegas shooting said:

"I pray for the victims and hope all these can stop as soon as possible."

she further added:

"You know, I have spent a lot of time in Vegas and this type of thing anywhere happening anywhere is an enormous tragedy."

She continued:

"It’s terrible because people are just going out to listen to music, really they’re out for the night, and something like this happens, it’s shocking."

Here is the video clip of the bizarre incident on Sunday morning that undoubtedly is one of the worst Piers Morgan moments:

Many fans showed their dissatisfaction on this non-professional Morgan move, here are some fan reaction on this issue:

Our condolences are with the family of demised and we hope these events never again repeat. Let's join our hands to make this world a peaceful place and finally best wishes for her tour to Mariah Carey.