Marcedes Lewis's custody battle for his Son with pornstar Savannah Stern. He has other Secret babies too

September 30, 2016
First Published On: September 30, 2016

Well known for his defending skill in National Football League (NFL), Marcedes Lewis; he had a custody battle for his son recently with pornstar, Savannah Stern. Though he had been trying to keep it off the media, it seems like the story just popped off like popcorns, lol. And hey, that’s not all. He is not just a father of one; he has other secret babies too.

Marcedes Lewis and Savannah Stern (Kristen Grinnell) Custody Battle for their Child.

Savannah Stern visited Lewis on Thursday in his LA home when he provided Savannah the court papers in an effort to acquire sole guardianship of their child. After she knew what he was up to, she then began yelling and screaming at Lewis. The loud fight between the two made the staffs in the building call for cops. But no one was arrested that day and Savannah left the place with no further occurrence. 

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Does Marcedes Lewis have more secret babies?

Yes, it shows up as though he has more marchildren with different faces. His first child was a little girl named 'Londyn Lewis'. He likewise has an additional 4-year-old girl named "Bella" with his college sweetheart, ‘Es Forbes’. At present, she fills in as an 'Enlisted Nurse' and a ‘Gerontologist Certified Nutritional Therapist’. And furthermore, there are additional reports about him having another child with a stripper in Las Vegas prior this year. Along these lines, altogether; that makes him a father of 4 with him just freely claiming one.

Marcedes Lewis and his daughter

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Who is Marcedes Lewis?

He is an American footballer who plays for ‘Jacksonville Jaguars’ of NFL. He is mostly popular for his defending skill; and being a 6 feet 6 inches tall guy, he has the ability to dominate all players in the field making him the ‘Jaguars Tight End’. Moreover, with everything Lewis has accomplished right up 'til today; he has the total net worth of $25 million making him one of the wealthiest folks who began his profession as an American footballer.