Marc Singer talks about his wife, Haunani Minn, who passed away in 2014.

February 6, 2018
First Published On: April 1, 2016

Canadian- born American actor, Marc Singer talked about his late wife, Haunani Minn and their married life in an interview with People Magazine.


Marc Singer was married to Haunani Minn for over 40 years. He had met his life partner at Seattle during his movie shoot. The couple started dating each other since then. After being in a relationship for a very long time, they decided to get married in 1974.

Marc has a daughter from his only marriage with Minn. After the birth of their daughter Phoebe Singer, the couple did not think of having any other children.

While some couples apart due to misunderstanding and incompatibility issues, couples like Singer and Minn got separated because of death.

A couple of years back, wife of Marc Singer died at the age of 67 in their house in Studio City, California, after struggling for few weeks with a rare disease. She passed away on 23rd November 2014.

Who is Haunani Singer?

His wife, Haunani was an American film and television actress who is best remembered for her movies including Mulan (1998), The Man with Two Brains (1983), Anatomy of an Illness (1984) and Young Doctors in Love (1982). She is known to be one of the celebrated actresses of 1980s.

Marc Singer told that his beautiful wife Haunani died calmly and without pain surrounded by her family and friends. She spent her last few days reliving her moments with her husband and daughter. Check out the song Marc dedicated to his late wife. 

Singer thinks of himself as the luckiest man in the world to have Haunani as his wife. They were together for almost 40 years. They fulfilled every vow they took during their wedding to live and support each other until they die. Marc told that his wife was very understanding and supportive wife.

He added that his wife had always inspired him to work better and backed him in his every decision. Haunani was thought to be a great person, always cheerful, kind and inspiring.

Marc Singer Career

Actor Marc is best remembered for his roles in the movie series The Beastmaster, 1980s TV show V and Dallas. Some of his notable works include movies like If You Could See What I Hear, Body Chemistry, Something for Joey, Watchers II, High Desert Kill, The Fier, Go Tell the Spartans, Dead Space and A Man Called Sarge.

He has also made guest appearances in many TV shows like Dallas, The Twilight Zone, The Hitchhiker, Murder, She Wrote, The Young and the Restless, The Ray Bradbury Theatre and Highlander: The Series.

Singer has also performed in numerous stage acts in the American Conservatory Theatre production. He was highly praised for his portrayal of Petruchio in Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew and Christian in Cyrano de Bergerac.

Marc Singer Net worth 

Marc Singer earns the good sum of money in his career. He has featured in several movies and tv series where several of his movies were successfully hit. Moreover, Being a singer his several songs won the heart of millions of people through which he otain a decent amount of moeny. 

Allocating information from several sources it is estimated that his current net worth is around $5 million. He is still active in his professional career and there is no doubt that his net worth will rise in the near future.