Marc Leishman skipping the Olympics due to health concerns.

HitBerryPublished on   05 May, 2016Updated on   27 May, 2021

Mark Leishman is skipping the Olympics to be held in Rio, Brazil due to zica virus concerns.

The world no. 35 decided to withdraw his candidacy after consulting a doctor over his zica virus concerns that may affect his family.


His wife Audry suffered from toxic shock syndrome was put into an induced coma in 2015. She pulled through a coma but has barely made the full recovery and still remains in delicate health conditions.

Leishman told, "Many of you may know that last April my children and I almost lost my wife, Audrey, to toxic shock syndrome. Since then Audrey has been prone to infection and is far removed from 100 percent recovery of her immune system.

Leishman added,"We have consulted with Audrey's physician and due to her ongoing recovery from toxic shock and potential risks associated with the transmission of the Zika virus, it was a difficult yet easy decision not to participate."

Although it is believed that the risks are minimal for Olympic athletes providing they stay within designated areas that will have been treated and monitored by local officials prior and during the Games. Leishman does not want to take chances with his wife’s health conditions.

Golf Australia chief executive Stephen Pitt said: “Marc's wife Audrey is facing a unique health concern and we are fully supportive of their decision to put family ahead of golf.

He added, "I've spoken to Marc and as a patriotic soul he's very disappointed to miss out on Rio but he's also hopeful he might get that chance one day to pull on the green and gold."