Mandy Moore's Engagement Ring show off, Is she really Engaged?

October 9, 2017
First Published On: October 8, 2017
by HitBerry

Mandy Moore recently came into the spotlight for showing off her engagement ring on the 69th Annual Emmy Awards red carpet at the Microsoft Theatre. The stunning actress did not at all seem a bit modest telling the world that she is engaged. So who is the lucky guy? Be patient. You will know about him. Stay tuned.

Previously, Moore was in a relationship with musician and songwriter Ryan Adams before getting divorced with him in 2016. So who is she dating now and who were her past boyfriends? You will be surprised by the number of lovers Abigail Moore had. Let's get started.

Mandy Moore’s String of Past Lovers

The Rapunzel series actress was just 25 when she married to rock singer, Ryan Adams who was 16 years older than her. But it took 6 years for her to finally realize that they were not compatible. Moore told that she finally felt free after her divorce was finalized. The gorgeous actress opened up her feelings. She told

I poured so much of myself into my personal life and when that wasn't as fruitful as I hoped it would be and I extricated myself from that situation, I was able to realize I wasn't honoring myself and my dreams and what I wanted in life.

So before Ryan, who were her boyfriends? Just little heads up, most of her ex-boyfriends were much older than her. The Candy singer first dated Wilmer Valderrama in 2001 when she was just fifteen.What does she see in older men? Who knows? This relationship did end soon when Valderrama made hurtful comments about taking her virginity in public saying that their sex was just good. Moore was hurt by this comment to which she replied

 That is utterly tacky, not even true. It hurts my feelings because I like him.

Mandy met and dated Brian McFayden next in the same year while the two of them were hosting 2001 "Miss Teen USA" pageant. Shortly after their break up in 2002, she and Filipino TV Personality, Billy Crawford were in a relationship which proved to be just a teenage fling.

Mandy Moore and Billy Crawford Mandy Moore and Billy Crawford Source:

The relationship lasted just for a few weeks. Later when she was filming for "How to Deal" in Toronto, Canada, she met Tennis player, Andy Roddick. The duo immediately felt connected. She further joked to People's magazine telling that she needed someone tall like him since she was almost 5 feet 10" while she was dating him.

Ultimately they had to break up in 2004 because the long distance relationship did not work for both of them.

Mandy Moore with Andy Roddick Mandy Moore with Andy Roddick Source:

Then Zach Braff came into her life. Mandy Moore met the Scrubs actor while shooting for Julie Quinn. The couple was very happy and remained in the relationship for two years only. The reason for their split, according to various sources was, Zach wanted a long-term relationship and she was not ready plus Zach did not like all the paparazzi following him everywhere.

Mandy Moore and Zach Braff Weinstein Mandy Moore and Zach Braff Weinstein Source:

Then again, the most important factor behind this might be the age difference. Mandy was 22 and Zach 33 at the time. Later she revealed to Jade magazine that their break up had a big toll on her. Mandy even suffered from minor depression.

A year later, Mandy Moore met DJ AM real name Adam Goldstein in a new year's eve party in Miami. After returning to LA, their romance began and they started dating.

Although Moore was not so open about her relationship with him they were spotted together at Sundance Film Festival. She was later caught kissing him at the after-party. He was the party deejay and Moore was promoting the film, Dedication at the time.

Mandy and DJ AM appear together at Hamptons party Mandy and DJ AM appear together at Hamptons party

Moore split from Adam only after a short period of two months. For your information, DJ AM died in 2008 from burning in a plane crash. After her split from Goldstein, Mandy began dating singer-songwriter, Greg Laswell in June 2007. He was even labeled Mandy Moore's New and Extraordinary Man by several sources yet she broke up with him after a few months after dating.

Mandy Moore holding hands with her boyfriend Greg Laswell Mandy Moore holding hands with her boyfriend Greg Laswell

Mandy Moore then met her ex-husband Ryan Adams later in 2007. Moore was really inspired by the frontman and guitarist of the Cardinals band. Rumors suggested that they grew closer while working for  Mandy's music album Wild Hope but we really don't know the truth.

Mandy nevertheless might have felt something for him to make this huge decision of marrying him. However, because they were these completely opposite personalities, the marriage finally crumbled to dust after nearly 6 years.

Mandy Moore Finally Found her Man

As saying goes, you make a series of wrong choices to finally make the right one. Similarly, she also dated many men who obviously were not the right one for her.

This time maybe she has found the right one and she has probably come to the realization that dating older men does not work for her. So the answer to the big question is she engaged? Yes. She is now officially taken. Goldsmith, frontman of the Dawes brand proposed Moore after two years of dating.

Mandy Moore is all smileys when she is with her favourite person, Taylor Goldsmith Mandy Moore is all smiles when she is with her favorite person, Taylor Goldsmith Source:

Mandy who is currently playing the role of Rebecca Pearson in the hit series, This is US, met Taylor in July 2015 while her divorce with Adams was ongoing in court. Hmm wicked huh? Previously very shy, Moore was rarely this open about her relations in the past but now she cannot hide the excitement.

Mandy moore posting on Instagram Mandy Moore posting on Instagram

Recent pictures of her flaunting the ring in the Red carpet plus several pictures on the Instagram and other social medias are proofs that she is really in love with him and she does not care. Mandy even shared her engagement news with her family members and friends who are no less excited than her.

Mandy Moore getting all sparkles not to mention her enganement ring on the Red Carpet Mandy Moore getting all sparkles not to mention her engagement ring on the Red Carpet

Her on-screen partner Milo Ventimiglia also told that all the cast of This is Us is very happy with the news. Taylor had visited the whole cast earlier. Ventimiglia further added

Taylor is, he's the kindest soul and Mandy, she’s like most beautiful of human beings.


Mandy Moore getting married with her on-screen lover Milo Ventilmiglia Mandy Moore getting married to her lover Milo Ventimiglia on-screen

The adorable couple is definitely in love as can be seen from the various lovey-dovey pictures scattered all over the internet. Moreover, they have taken their relationship one step further by living in a temporary pad together but not for long. They will soon move into $2.56M mid-century hilltop home in Pasadena according to Moore, confirms People. Moore has personally undertaken the task of renovating their future home.

The house in Pasadena which is currently rennovated by Mandy herself The house in Pasadena which is currently renovated by Mandy herself Source:

Taylor Goldsmith is also equally madly in love with her and is blown away by her acting skills. Moore is also starring in one of the music videos for the fifth album of Dawes, in which Moore and Goldsmith are getting separated. Relax guys, it is just on-screen.

Even though the pair has not fixed a date for the wedding but Mandy hinted that she does not want a big wedding and only close friends and relatives will be invited.