Manchester United star Juan Mata currently single?? Mata previously dated girlfirend Lorena Martínez

July 14, 2015
First Published On: July 14, 2015
by HitBerry

A hot and happening news for all the ladies out there. Rumor has it that the most eligible bachelor, Juan Mata is single again. Yes, that’s right, the 27 years old Spanish footballer is reportedly ‘solo’ (as told in Spanish) once again. As per recent media reports, the Manchester United mid-fielder has spilt with his girlfriend Lorena Martinez. Now that this famous athlete has broken up with his not so popular girlfriend, the news is sure to mend many broken hearts.

As Juan Mata himself once revealed that he had had only had two serious relationships in his life, one of them was with Lorena Martínez whom who dated during the World Cup and when Mata played for Valencia.  She was often seen in the stands, although she was so discreet that not many knew about their relationship.  Their relationship cooled when Mata moved to London, and now he’s single. 

Juan is one of the most stylish, educated, studious, prudent, nicest and the most humble person one can ever find. He has a weekly salary of about 140,000 euros per week. he previously played for the football club/team Chelsea where he was one of the most admired player. His transfer from his former club Chelsea to the football giant, Man Utd. is one of the most expensive and high profiled transfer till date. Despite being one of the celebrated athletes of our time, Mata is completely down to earth. He is a regular guy who loves to lead a normal life. And there are loads of stuff about him that we have unearthed just for you.

You may not believe it but Mata is (as mentioned above) an educated person unlike most of the football players (no offense). The so-called thinking man's footballer, Juan has a degree in Journalism from the University of Madrid. He is also an avid reader who prefers to read Haruki Murakami, Jorge Luis Borges and Paul Auster. And you know what? He also reads Charles Bukowski. He is also a huge fan of Indie bands and listens to anthemic art-rock.

Besides being intellectual, he is often regarded as an athlete with a cool sense of style. He dresses simply and casually. He spends his days training and travelling and always opts for comfortable clothes, whether it’s sports or events or dinners.

This iconic player aged 27 has a sister with whom he spent most of his early years. He also visits his family very often and he does love being around with his relatives and friends. Being a family oriented guy, in an interview with an online magazine he revealed that he was not scared of tabloids but he did try to lead a normal life without trying out anything stupid.

So who would not want to score goals in this hot player’s life? But make sure you are knowledgeable about literature if you want to qualify as his girlfriend.