Man v. Food's Adam Richman Sexy After weight loss, Girlfriends Lined up, Rumored Dating Myleene Klass

February 17, 2017
First published on:February 17, 2017
by HitBerry

How many of you are food lovers? I guess almost all of you are. Then you will find it very interesting to watch Man vs Food. Host Adam Richman travels to many places and take food samples of regional dishes and take on some exciting food challenge.

The final episode was released in 2012 and that has a very big impact in Adam Richman. Richman says that he didn’t like his doughy face as he retired from the extreme eating show. But now you will be completely shocked to see him. 

He’s become handsome hunk and any girl would surely like to go out with him. Rumors are going on that he is dating Myleene Klass.

Before and after picture of Adam Richman


Adam Richman lost 70 pounds so quickly

As Richman retired from the show he began to focus on his healthy eating plans and exercises. You will be surprised to know that he lost 70 pounds so quickly. Richman revealed that one of his secrets for weight loss is soccer. He was called eating machine during his show.

Richman says that it was all due to the 10 months of hard work. He had to enjoy as a vegan and leave the food which he enjoyed eating. But that was alright for Richman as he was very much health conscious. I think Richman deserves our attention as losing same weight as a sack of potatoes is really a big deal.

The sexy man also has given a nude pose after he lost that much of weight. He is lying on the white floor and surrounded by soccer balls all around in the picture.

Adam Richman's nude pose

Source: usmagazine

Adam Richman's Dating Rumors with Myleene Klass

No doubt, the man is very much good looking and has grabbed a lot of attention. Talking about his love life he’s not married yet but that does not mean he is not in any kind of relationship. The rumor about Richman's love flew when was spotted holding hand with Myleene Klass in London.

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Adam Richman with Myleene Klass

Source: newmagazine

Richman was the judge for the 2015 BBQ champ show and he did it alongside Myleene Klass. Myleene has praised Richman in every single interview about their work. It is also said that she invited him to her house in London. They looked so great and compatible together.

Judge Mark Blachford, Myleene Klass and Adam Richman in BBQ Champ Show


When asked about their relationship, she said, "why is everyone trying to relate me with Adam". We are just enjoying each other’s company. She has not given us many hints about her love life. Maybe she is too scared to be in any kind of relation after her divorce with Graham Quinn.

Though they are not revealing anything about their relationship they seem to have so much fun together. We can only sit and wait until the couple shares about their relationship officially.

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