Malia Ann Obama sure has that awesome dressing style

HitBerryPublished on   03 Jun, 2016Updated on   30 May, 2021

Malia Ann Obama, the elder daughter of President Barack Obama has surely the awesome dressing style.

The little daddy’s girl has grown up now. She is bringing her chic sense of dressing style on the streets of New York, her style has transformed along the way.

Malia with her father Barack Obama     Source:

After looking over the past 11 years, we can see the evolution of Barack Obama’s elder daughter’s Style Evolution.

Daughters of Barack Obama Malia and Natasha “Sasha” are the girls who have grown up in the public eyes which are surely not an easy thing but they had all done it with an elegance.

The teenagers Malia 17 and Sasha 14 has finally attended their first state dinner at the White House in the last year of their father's presidency.

Malia in cream gown and Sasha in the middle in black gown     Source: Popsugar

Though the Obama girls always look elegance for the cameras, now it became clear how far their fashion sense has come as the two looked flawless in beautiful designer gowns.


The girls caught the eyes of everyone as Malia looks like she was going for Hollywood red carpet event and Sasha was looking like the actress of 90s.

Ohh!! Fancy, fancy and fancy!