Major Garrett and wife Julie Kirtz celebrating 25 years of married life, might renew their wedding vows

May 10, 2017
First Published On: October 6, 2015
by HitBerry

Major Garrett has been married to his wife Julie Kirtz for twenty five years now. The milestone that they have achieved together is a phenomenon that has become somewhat of a rare case in today’s world, what with most couples today filing for divorce in their five or six years of marriage.

Major and Julie, from their long and illustrious marriage have three children. All of them have been able to establish successful career in their respective fields.

Sources claim that their children are planning an extravagant celebration to mark twenty five years of marriage for their parents.

Major and Julie have also mentioned to their close friends and family that they wish to renew their vows on their anniversary.

They have said that they wish to do so because when they married twenty five years earlier, they had promised each other a life time of love and they have been successful in doing so. To celebrate their success, they wish to renew their vows.

Major and Julie shared a common work place at the Fox News Network before Major got a huge offer that he could not refuse . The new offer consisted of the position of chief white house correspondent for CBS News.

A Fox network veteran said that although the offer is unprecedented, he had difficulty in leaving Fox as Fox was family to him.

 His wife Julie is still working at Fox as general assignment reporter, a post she has held for a long period of time. He and his wife, who no longer share a common work place, have said “There isn’t too much that’s changed.

Earlier we were occupied in our separate departments. Now it’s the same, just locations have changed”.

Julie and Major have been living in the nation’s capital Washington DC for over three decades now. They are one of the most respected journalists in the capital.

They are also known for their various charitable works and have been a constant supporter of underprivileged and homeless people.

Prior to achieving his current position, Major was a host for the show Face of the Nation. The show had one of the highest ratings in comparison to other shows in the news section of Television.

Major benefited a great deal from the show, which gave him a broader base for opportunities, eventually landing one of the most prominent posts in American journalism hierarchy.

Major is just fifty three years of age and has already achieved the maximum in the field of journalism, with many more years left for him in the industry.

Major is also known for his tall posture. His height is 5ft 10 inches. He is also an active social networker and frequently post feeds online on platforms like Twitter and Facebook. He can be followed @MajorCBS on Twitter. He does not use Instagram.