Mahaley Patel Wedding, The Facts and Rumors About the Couple.

If you have watched the movie Be somebody, you might be familiar with Mahaley Patel. She is a famous American actress known among the public for her role in Easy A and Our Show.

Apart from her professional life, Patel also made headlines on the internet when she married Ravi Patel. Their marriage made headlines all over the internet, which was held two times. Scroll down to know all about their wedding plans

 How did Ms Patel meet her husband?

The actress of Easy A was married to Indian-American actor Ravi Patel in November 2015. Ravi Patel is the son of financial consultant Vasant Patel and real estate agent Champa Patel, best known for acting in Meet the Patels and Five. The couple started dating each other a year back in March 2014. The couple met each other for the first time at the food trade show in Anaheim, California. Soon after they first met, they began dating each other.

After dating for some time, the couple knew they were made for each other. Soon Hotel California actor planned a romantic proposal asking Patel to marry him, where he recreated their first date.

Patel First Wedding Ceremony 

Our Show actress and Powder blue actor married each other on November 8, 2015. They married each other in a wedding ceremony held in Plam Desert. It was a small ceremony attended by about thirty people, including their family members and friends.

Mr CAPTION: Mr Patel kissing her wife SOURCE: Instagram @showmetheravi


After a year, the couple decided to hold their wedding a second time as they wanted to hold a big wedding in Indian style.

Mahaley Patel BFF Gave Something Unexpected

Before Our Show actress had her second wedding, she got something unexpected. Her long-time BFF (best friend forever) Holland Roden, with whom she was a friend for more than a decade, gave California bride a surprise. Patel was treated to a wedding Shower by her maid-of-honor, Holland Roden. This news was shared by the bride herself, who was sharing every memorable moment.

The bride said, "Holland chose the most beautiful location in Topanga Canyon, and the shower was on Valentine's Day." Ms. Patel also stated that she was grateful for having Holland. The property was completely secluded, with a small studio on the grounds, described as a 'nature retreat.' The place was surrounded by flowers, trees, and a waterfall, which gave the bridal shower a simple yet elegant feel. Holland's real surprise was not the wedding shower as it was the detail and effort put down by her decorating it, which can be seen clearly in her work.

Patel's second Wedding Ceremony 

After their first wedding ceremony in November 2015, the couple decided to arrange their wedding ceremony for the second time as they were not satisfied with it. The couple decided to hold their second wedding in a typical Indian style. Back in 2016, when Patels revealed that they would hold their wedding for the second time, it caught the headline of many NewsChannel and blogging websites. The wedding ceremony was held in Freeport, Illinois, which is the hometown of the Five actors.

Ms CAPTION: Ms patel during her second wedding SOURCE: Instagram @showmetheravi

The wedding ceremony was enormous, and many representatives from both sides were present. When did the media ask Ms. Patel What was the reason for holding their wedding for the second time? She simply replied, saying the reason behind holding the wedding ceremony second was to recreate themself.

Some interesting fact about Mahaley Patel

  • Patel is the mother of Amelie, who was born in 2016.
  • Patel's BFF is also an actress.
  • She owns a dog named Coco.
  • She attended Laurel Springs High School.
  • She is working on her degree, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy.