Mae West's Love Song: An Emotional Voyage Through Her Heart's Desire

Mae West was an amazing woman who did a lot of cool stuff in showbiz. She acted in movies like "She Done Him Wrong," "I'm No Angel," "Goin' To Town," and "My Little Chickadee." But she wasn't just an actress; she was also a singer, and comedian, and even wrote scripts and plays. 

West had two marriages during her lifetime. First, she was married to Frank Wallace, and later on, she tied the knot with Guido Deiro. Even though she had these two marriages, she didn't have any children, neither sons nor daughters. She was a fascinating woman who focused on her career in entertainment.

Did West Have A Man In Her Life During Her Final Years?

Mae West's last love was Paul Novak, and their relationship was truly special. They were together, sharing their romance, right up until the actress passed away in 1980 when she was 87 years old. 

PaulMae West with her final lover, Paul Novak SOURCE: Pinterest

Mae passed away on November 22, 1980, (the year Charles Peete Divorced his Wife Mary King) and it was a sad moment for her fans all around the world. She died of what appeared to be natural causes after she had experienced a stroke three months earlier.

Three months prior, the actress had a little accident when she was trying to get out of bed in August of 1980. She ended up tripping and falling. After that fall, she lost her ability to speak. She was rushed to the Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles, where the tests showed that she had suffered a stroke.

Novak And West Love Story

Mae and wrestler Paul's love story is quite extraordinary. Even though they never officially tied the knot, their relationship lasted an impressive 26 years. It started in 1956 until the actress passed in 1980. What's particularly interesting is the age difference between them – she was 30 years older than the weight lifter.

West and Novak's connection had an interesting start back in 1954. Paul was chosen by West to be one of the muscular, good-looking men who would be sex symbols in her stage show in Vegas. This was the time when the love between the two is believed to have started.

The Secret Marriage Of Mae West

Mae West had a secret marriage that was kept under wraps for a long time. In 1914, she got married to the  Italian accordionist, Guido Deiro. However, this marriage was not made public because, at the same time, the actress was already a married woman. She was married to Frank Wallace. 

GuidoMae West's secret husband, Guido Diero SOURCE: Air Museum YouTube Channel

It's quite an intriguing part of her life story. Deiro's son claimed this hidden marriage in his book called "Mae West and the Count." Sometimes, people have complex personal lives, and her secret marriage is a reminder that even famous individuals can have private moments that the world hasn't known about for many years.

How Did West Meet Her Secret Husband?

In the year 1913, something special happened in the world of vaudeville. Deiro crossed paths with a then-young vaudeville performer named West. They met while both were doing their acts in a show in Detroit, as mentioned in an article from Bridge Records

West wasn't one to shy away from talking about her experiences. In her book "Goodness Had Nothing to Do With It," West candidly shared her thoughts about her relationship with Guido. According to the actress, he was "an amazing lover." She went on to say that their intimate connection was terrific, and she wanted to be with him morning, noon, and night. 

The Divorce With Deiro Ended Horribly

Mae West took a significant step in her life by filing for a divorce from Guido Deiro, on July 14, 1920. In her divorce papers, she accused him of abandonment. The late actress filed her divorce petition at the courthouse in Jamaica, Queens, marking the end of a chapter in her life. Their divorce was finalized in November 1920.

GuidoGuido Diero performing live in 1929 SOURCE: Air Museum YouTube Channel

West's divorce from Deiro had a profound impact on her. Things ended so horribly that the actress couldn't even bring herself to mention his name in her autobiography. Instead, she playfully referred to him simply as "Mr. D." This tells us a lot about her feelings and emotions during that time. 

Let's Talk About West First Marriage

West's first marriage was to a man named Frank Wallace. They became husband and wife on April 11, 1911, in Milwaukee. She was 17 years old at the time. This was the beginning of a significant chapter in her life, as the future would only bring more controversies and the court battle with her first husband.

West's marriage to Wallace lasted much longer than they had been together as a couple. They didn't officially get divorced until July 23, 1942, even though they had separated within just a year of being married. 

Wallace And West Love Story

The love story between Mae and Frank has its roots in their meeting way back in 1908. The actress was playing the role of a rural girl in a stage production of "HUCK FINN," directed by William Hogan. It was during her time on this show that she crossed paths with her first husband, and over time, they discovered a deep connection that led to love. 

MaeMae West in She Done Him Wrong (1933) SOURCE: The Hollywood Collection YouTube Channel

Frank's recollection of his early days with West offers a fascinating glimpse into the transformation of the iconic actress. As mentioned in the California Digital Newspaper Collection. He remembered that when they first met, she wasn't the famous blonde bombshell we all came to know and love. Instead, she was a classy brunette, and her figure was more on the slender side. 

Why Had West Kept Her First Marriage Secret?

West was quite the expert at keeping her personal life under wraps, especially her marriage to Wallace. She even went so far as to tell the public that she had always been single. She once famously said, "Marriage is a great institution, but I'm not ready for an institution yet," but she was a wife to Frank at the time.

In 1916, Mae and Frank faced an important decision in her budding career. Their booking agent believed that the late actress's chances of becoming a successful star would be greater if the public believed she was single. To support her career aspirations, he agreed to a unique arrangement—they made a pact to keep their marriage a secret. 

Wallace's change of heart regarding his and Mae's secret marriage came about in a dramatic turn of events. It happened after the actress, in a surprising move, publicly denied even knowing him once their marriage license was discovered. This must have been quite a shock for him, as he revealed the truth to the world about their marriage. 

How Did The Marriage Secret Came Out?

The revelation of Mae West and Frank Wallace's hidden marriage was quite unexpected. It all came to light in January 1935 when a clerk at the Milwaukee Courthouse was sorting through records of marriages. 

Going through the cards, the clerk suddenly spotted West's name on one of them. It must have been a startling discovery, as the public was told by West that she had never married anyone. This chance finding exposed a well-guarded secret and sent shockwaves through the world of entertainment.

Other Relationships Of The Late Actress

West had a colorful and eventful personal life, with a list of relationships and encounters that reads like a who's who of Hollywood and beyond. Among her notable relationships were those with Gorilla Jones in 1928, Guido Deiro from 1914 to 1920, Anthony Quinn, Bugsy Siegel, Steve Cochran, and John Indrisano. 

Mae also had brief encounters with several other famous names, including Steve Rossi in 1954, Joe Louis in 1937, Jack La Rue in 1936, Max Baer in 1933, George Raft in 1932, Victor McLaglen, David Niven, Abel Baer, and Chalky Wright. Her love life was as dynamic as her career, and her relationships with these individuals offer a glimpse into the glamorous and sometimes scandalous world of Hollywood during her time. 


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