Mad Men actor Robert Morse and wife Elisabeth Roberts dispel rumors about troubles in their married life

HitBerryPublished on   13 Sep, 2015Updated on   13 May, 2021

Actor Robert Morse and his wife Elisabeth Roberts, who have been married for over twenty six years, have dispelled all rumors that have been circulating within the media regarding the aged couple going through a rough patch.  Robert Morse has said that having recently celebrated the silver jubilee of their long union, they are very happy with how life has shaped up for them as a couple and now just want to be there for their grandchildren.

The rumor that Robert and Elizabeth were going through a rough patch came up when Robert was busy shooting for his role in the Hit TV show, Mad Men which took the world by a storm. Elizabeth had made a banal joke that Robert, at the old age of eighty four, still doesn’t have time for her and their grandchildren. Elizabeth later confirmed that it was a compliment to Robert and his will and grit as an actor. She has said that the media shouldn’t be rude and make things up as they like.  

Robert, who is eighty-four years old, has five children from two of his marriages and six grandchildren. At the moment, Robert has been tutoring three of his grandchildren who have shown an interest in acting and films personally, even though Robert still has a busy schedule due to his demand as an actor. He has said that after the finale of Madmen, he has got ample time to teach his grandkids, who he says have so much enthusiasm and talent.

Robert, now with the Mad Men series over, does not have any major projects that he has committed to. Hence, he has been seen by fans in his estate in the Hollywood hills far more often, spending time with his wife and grand kids.

After having taken a hiatus, he returned to TV to feature as a recurring cast member in the Mad Men series in the year 2007. For his astounding performance in the series, he was nominated for the Prime time Emmy award in the year 2008 and from 2010 to till the series ended in 2014.

Critics have said that his acting abilities at such an age is sensational and one of the best to have been featured on Television. He was also considered the best veteran actor in the business after he showcased his acting skills in Mad Men.

Robert has been working as an actor for over 63 years and has one of the longest careers in the entertainment industry. Robert was a household name during the sixties and seventies and had done many spectacular movies during that time frame. In his long career, he has established his family as one of the major show business families in the US.

He has done everything there is to do in the field of acting – from stage plays to Theater to Broadway to movies, documentaries, Television Shows, Reality TV; there’s isn’t anything that hasn’t been done by Robert. He is a living legend and many consider him to be among the best there ever was.