Mad Max star Joy Smithers and husband Tony Haines want their three children away from the Show Biz

December 23, 2015
First Published On: December 23, 2015
by HitBerry

Mad Max star Joy Smithers, aged 52, and her beloved husband Tony Haines want their three children away from the show biz. Why? Well we have all the answers. 

The Australian actress, who is best known for her acting performances on television, is mother to her three children; a daughter named Sasha Laine Simon aka Sasha Simon born in 1992 to her first husband and a baby girl named Phoebe Haines (born 1992) and a younger son Orlando Haines (born 2006) to her present husband Haines. 

She is a proud mother and wife to her loving husband. She is talented, beautiful and famous for her acting roles in several of the Hollywood movies. But she does not want her three children to get exposed to the show biz where Smithers herself belongs. You might think that this 52 year old actress is being selfish and hypocritical by keeping her kids at bay. People might even accuse this pretty lady of trying to get the Hollywood limelight all on herself. But believe us, that is not the case! 

A source close to the Aussie actress and her better half gave us the main reason behind the couple’s desire to keep their children away from the alluring show biz. 

The insider said that the actual reason behind the pair’s decision to keep their three kids away from the glittery Hollywood is because they think show business is not for kids. Didn’t get it? 

“Joy and Tony are not in favor of exposing their kids to the show biz because they think that it is not a place for their children. Joy, who herself is working as an actress on television and films, is fed up of this place and the wretchedness inherent here. She feels that LA is a material world where people hardly achieve what they expect to. ‘It sucks the hell out of you even before you can realize’. Joy says that all the time,” explained the source.

They further added: “The husband and wife duo is scared that the little ones, especially Sasha who is already in her early twenties, might be tempted to the life that her mother lives. From outside, everything looks fine. But from deep within, only the ones who have been exposed the show biz know how dark the core is. 

“Moreover, the couple has seen young actors getting ruined because of the ‘fame monster’. Kids who do drugs and indulge in sex and crime make Joy and Tony cringe. So, they wish to see their angels away from the influence of media and show biz.”

Smithers, who married her second husband Haines in 2000, was offered the role of Max Rockatansky's wife, Jessie, in the original 1979 Mad Max at the tender age of 15. But all thanks to her parents, the actress was not cast in the role. They forced her to drop the offer as they didn’t want her to travel to Adelaide for the shoot. And Joy is all joyful that she declined the role as she now thinks that she was way too young for Hollywood and for such major movie characters.