MacKenzie Porter's personal life and her career.

April 8, 2016
First Published On: April 8, 2016
by HitBerry

Winner of 2011 Nashville North Star competition, this Canadian babe is talented in singing as well as in acting.

Starting her career from British-Canadian children's television series Dinosapien in 2007, she has come a long way to fame. One of her latest roles is her playing the role of Naomi Bohannon in the TV show Hell on Wheels.

One of the testaments to her talent was the fact that she was listed in the Top 11 Talents to Watch in 2010. For her remarkable performance, MacKenzie was awarded Alberta award. She was also awarded Alberta Best Actress Award for her role in the TV movie The Other Woman.

With various other awards up her table, it seems she is not stopping for a long time.

MacKenzie is also a very accomplished musician. With various music videos since 2012, she has become one of the singers to watch out for. She was passionate about music from childhood and thrived to become one.

Some of her famous singles include songs like I Wish I'd Known, If You Ask Me To, Never Gonna Let You, etc. MacKenzie was nominated for CCMA's Female Artist of the Year in the year 2014. MacKenzie was nominated for Rising Star Award in Canadian Country Music Association Awards in 2013, Leo Awards and others. Her songs are available on YouTube and she has a large number of viewers and subscribers.

She is very pretty when it comes to looks. With an average height of 5 feet 4 inch, she is very attractive. Her blonde hair and her marvelous body make her the sight to behold. MacKenzie is even regarded as one of the most beautiful people of her age. BC Living Magazine has listed her as a ‘Top 11 Hottest Vancouver Actors to Watch’ in 2011.

Not much about her dating life has been revealed in public. There are no records of information about any of her previous relationship with anyone if she has one. We think she must have many boyfriends back in the day but none is made official as of yet.

IT seems she is not yet married nor she has any children outside marriage. However, she does have many male fans out there who are madly in love with her. Although there are rumors of her dating other people, she has not yet mentioned anything. We believe it is just a rumors and nothing else.

MacKenzie is active in social media like Twitter and Instagram and has a significant number of followers. She is very fond of her fans and likes to keep in touch with them often with twitter feeds and pictures of her.

Her net worth has not yet been revealed but one can only assume that it must be in millions. She is just 26 and she had a quite a time for her retirement.