Lydia Hearst married to husband Chris Hardwick; disclose their married life

HitBerryPublished on   26 Oct, 2017Updated on   30 Apr, 2021

Did you hear that America’s top fashion model, Lydia Hearst is now married? Yes, you heard it right! Finally, a man is lucky enough to make one of the famous American model his wife. She is married to an American stand-up comedian, Chris Hardwick.

This model and comedian couple look extremely cute together. They have not been married for a long time but seems like a couple who’ve been together for years. Digging deeper into it, let us disclose everything in detail about the married life of Lydia Hearst and Chris Hardwick.

Lydia Hearst’s married life

Lydia Hearst and Chris Hardwick had one of the coolest weddings of all times. The couple has been married since 2016 and doesn't have any children yet. Chris first proposed Lydia with a candy ring and later used the real ring as well. In an interview, the model even said that she is going to frame the candy ring as it means a lot to her.

Lydia Hearst and Chris Hardwick's wedding picture Lydia Hearst and Chris Hardwick's wedding picture, Source: BAZAAR

Lydia and her husband got married romantically in California. The couple first met during episodes of ‘Talking Dead’ the day after Chris’s dad died. To know more about when and how did the couple meet, look at the video below and listen to them explaining about their love story.

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The couple even survived long distance when Lydia starred in ‘South of Hell’. It explains that the couple is really made for each other. The model was 31 years of age and her husband was 44 when they got married. They didn’t have a huge party thrown for their marriage but just invited around 450 guests and made the wedding simple and sweet.

Lydia Hearst’s other relationships

Before Lydia got married, she is said to be with a couple of other guys as well. Among them, one was famous Sherlock Holmes actor, ‘Benedit Cumberbatch’. Even though their relationship wasn’t confirmed, they were rumored to have been in the relationship around March 2012.

Lydia Hearst and Benedit Cumberbatch standing together Lydia Hearst and Benedict Cumberbatch standing together, Source: WDW

Another famous person she’s said to be hooked up with is another famous actor, Jared Leto. However, they were said to be together about 9 years ago around September 2008.

Even though Lydia has been with a couple of other guys in her life, Chris Hardwick seems to be her favorite one. They look like they have a very close bond with each other even though they've not been together for extra long. Their marriage style, their pictures on Instagram are so cute that anyone envies to get a spouse like one of them.