Lucy Lawless says Kalgoorlie was a 'bizarre detour.'

HitBerryPublished on   01 May, 2016Updated on   26 May, 2021

“Life’s like that. You get off course, get a little bit of life experience and you come back to your goal. And just because you don’t get paid for it, doesn’t mean you’re not getting closer to your goal. If you want to be an actor you do a little bit towards that and that’s what I would do.”

47-year-old beautiful actress Lucy Lawless stated to  Perth now.

While she appeared at Oz Comic-Con in Perth, Lawless said about her time in Kalgoorlie was a “bizarre detour” on the road to acting. Even she stated that she always wanted to act.

Xena was the character which raised her to the fame and she was the main attraction in Oz Comic-Con in Perth after the announcement of the Xena Reboot.

But she told her fans that it’s not sure whether she would be making an appearance or not. She said-

“I would have to read (the script) through and they would have to want me. It would depend on the role because you know what? It’s not like I need the offer. I thought my career would be thinning off by now but it’s not and I’m delighted.”

Full name with Lucille Frances Lawless is primarily known as Lucy Lawless. She is a New Zealand actress and singer. She was keen interested in acting and music from her very young age. The girl with the eagerness to learn music and acting appeared in her first musical at the age of 10.

Lawless started acting in her secondary school. At the age of 18, she went for an Overseas Experience with her future husband, Garth lawless. At the young age of 21, she won the Mrs. New Zealand competition (1989).

Currently, she is busy with the episodes of Ash Vs. Evil Dead.