Lucy Hale finds a woman who looks like the perfect mix between herself and Kylie Jenner.

"There are seven people in in this world walking with your facial structure and probability of seeing them while you are alive is five percent os so" this statement is a common hoax. Or is it?

Is it even possible for a person to resemble two of the famous personalities at once?

Unbelievable but true for this special case, Kylie Jenner, and Lucy Hale has a common doubleganger. A day after Instagram was taken over by storm after Angelina Jollie's look alike, who also happens to be famous makeup artist Kylie Jenner's Instagram friend, Instagram again found a way to light up the The Web after Kylie Jenner's own look-alike was discovered in the Instagram. 



WHAT. Is this a real person or morphing ?

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Kylie Jenner did not realise that the joke was on her until the web got all crazy

Instagram found another reason to erupt a day after she posted her friend's  picture on her page. The reason was obvious, but this time, she found her own look alike and this time it was not a single celebrity look alike. This time both Kylie Jenner and Lucy Hale had found a common doubleganger which was discovered by Lucy Hale herself. Just a day after Holywood actress Angelina Joly's look alike got highlighted by Jenner post on her Instagram page.

The mystery girl in the picture posted by Lucy Hale was a single person who looked like two of the Hollywood superstars. Can you believe, there is a teenager who can get into the shoes of Pretty Little Lire's actress Lucy Hale, and model and make over artist and music video actress-model Kylie Jenner?

And the most interesting fact about this whole Instagram explosion is that the 17 years old teenager Kelsey Calemine was discovered by the Actress-singer Lucy Hale herself. Model and actress Kylie Jenner had no clue about the existence of her lookalike until Lucy posted an Instagram image of the common doubleganger.

The Instagram post from Lucy, not only surprised the world but also made the seventeen years old Teenager Kelsey Calemine from LA, famous overnight. She has a huge fan following of more than eight hundred and forty-nine thousand followers on Instagram overnight which is ever increasing each day. Lucky for a seventeen-year-old girl who gets all eyes on her from now on. 

The image posted by Lucy with Caption 'If Lucy Hale and Kylie Jenner had a child it would look like this' amazed Tyga's girlfriend Kylie Jenner as she is a makeup artist who can look like any celebrity she wanted to but there was a girl who can look just like her. Lucy even posted a comment asking if the picture was mopped.Lucy's eyebrows and smile along with Kylie Jenner's pout and lips this Instagram celebrity surprised the world. Just 21 weeks ago.

The teen is enjoying all attention she is getting from Lucy

Looking like a Celeb can be a problem on many occasion but Kelsey seems to be enjoying her instant exposure and fame which was proved after she re-tweeted Lucy's tweet in her twitter again.
Re-tweeting Lucy's tweet about her, she wrote: 'Hey...' followed by a tweet that read: 'My mom just called me to ask for a shout-out.' 


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