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Lucy Brown talks about her husband, married life and her fame.

April 6, 2016
First published on:April 6, 2016
by HitBerry

Best known for dual roles in the TV series Primeval, Lucy Brown an English actress has finally opened up about her husband and married life. Who wouldn’t want a scoop on celebrity married life isn’t it! Is the married life of celebrities just like in movies?

Starting her career from Lux soap with Gisele Bundchen, Brown has appeared in Sharpe’s Challenge, Malice Aforethought, North and South with Richard Armitage, Whatever Love Means, and in dual roles of Claudia Brown and Jenny Lewis in the ITV1 science fiction TV series Primeval.

After leaving Primeval, she played a minor role in NBC’s The Philanthropist. In 2010, she appeared in Bonded by blood and Frost opposite Dean Cain. Brown returned to Primeval for series 4 as Jenny Lewis. Brown also frequently takes part in live events billed as Word Theatre. She has performed for them in Los Angeles and London.

She also reads for audio books. In 2012, she said revealed that she and Olivia Poulet were currently writing a comedy drama In 2014, she appeared in the television drama The Village, cast as Harriet Kilmartin.

Lucy married her long-time boyfriend, actor Adam Rayner on 31 December 2015. Adam Rayner is an English actor who has appeared on television in TV shows like Mistresses, At Home with Braithwaites and Making Waves. He has also appeared on stage in The Rivals ( Bristol Old Vic, 2004), Romeo and Juliet (Royal Shakespeare Theatre, 2006) and Much Ado About Nothing ( Novello 2006).

The couple dated for a really long time, they also had a son together before getting married. Their son was born a year before their marriage on 28 December 2014. they do not have any children born after the marriage. Lucy Brown, her husband actor Adam Ryner and their son live in Shoreditch, London.

Lucy brown in an interview with The Telegraph opened about how she handles her finances, she was asked quietly a lot about how she handles her finances, whether she is good with money or irresponsible and what not. The actress turns out to be quite smart about money matters and investments. The actress also let them know that she has been on a debt earlier, for her college tuition but paid it off within two years after getting out of college. She indeed is smart, because there are people out there whose debt only increases with time.

When she was asked “how do you separate responsibility for finances with your husband (now husband)?” she said, “ We split everything down the middle, which is the easiest way.  If I were married, I would probably only set up a joint account for household bills. I'm an independent person and I would prefer to keep things separate – I would hate the thought that I'm dipping into somebody else's income. But I take Jeremy's advice on investments. We're thinking of buying a place together and I'm already asking about what deposit we should put down.” She is married now so joint account it is then!

Her net worth is not disclosed yet.

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