Alton Brown opens up about the reason behind his divorce with ex-wife Deanna Brown

Recently, there seems to be a growing trend with celebrity chefs and divorces. In the past year, four celebrity chefs have ended their marriage.

Recently, one of the most popular celebrity chefs, Alton Brown divorced his wife Deanna Brown, to whom he had been married for over eighteen years.

Sources claim the busy work schedule taken up by Alton in the recent years led to the divorce. Alton has had an extremely hectic schedule with shows like “Good Eats” ,” Feasting on Asphalt “,”Iron Chef America “and “Cutthroat Kitchen “, led to severe unhappiness and anxiety between the two.

Sources close to them have said that the split was a long time coming and nobody is surprised by it, not even their sixteen year old daughter, Zoey. The couple had already been unofficially separated in 2014 and had been living separately.

How the divorce became concern

It was Alton who filed for divorce while he was in his home state of Georgia. He had cited he was very unhappy in his marriage, which also led to him having trouble focusing on his work. Now that he is divorced, Alton says he want to turn all his focus and dedication to his work, which he values very much.

Alton and Deanna, prior to getting married, were dating for over two years and maintained a healthy relationship. Alton had said Deanna, in the beginning of their relationship, was a wonderful girlfriend. And at that moment, she was the only person in the world he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

Alton, on a professional scale, has achieved greatness over the years and he is clearly one of the most popular celebrity chefs in the world today. He has a number of TV shows of his own, which he sometimes uses to let his family members get a glimpse of his TV lifestyle.

Alton also frequently has his daughter join him in a number of shows. His daughter has been nicknamed “Alton’s Spawn”.

Aton's media life

Alton’s most popular TV show was Good Eats, which ran for a total of fourteen seasons. Many show creators have considered it the pinnacle of food shows in the US.

He is also known for practicing what he preaches and since the year 2009, he changed his eating habits to lead a healthier lifestyle. In doing so, he managed to reduce up to 27 kilos in a span of nine months.

Being one of the most popular celebrity chefs, he has been featured in a number of international men’s magazines, the most prominent ones being, “Men’s Journal”. He was also featured in “GQ” America and several other magazines.

Alton is a very popular figure in social networking platforms and has over 400K followers in total. In Instagram itself, he has over 195K followers and can be followed as altonbrown.

Alton's net worth remains undisclosed.

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