'Love Island' new arrival Chyna Ellis' Boyfriend, disclose her Affairs and Relationship

HitBerryPublished on   10 Aug, 2017Updated on   01 May, 2021

It's so easy to fall in love but hard to find someone who will catch you. Finding the right partner is one goal in most of our lives. Celebrities life is no different from us. They have a hard time to choose right partner while break up and divorce overshadows their happiness.

Love Island, is a British dating reality show which involves a group of singletons looking for a good time over to a luxurious villa for a summer of passion. The show was aired in 2017 and it's making lots of news on the internet due to its hot and heavy sex scenes.

 Love Island's Chyna Ellis?

The 22-year-old fashion girl from 'Essex' and is from Britain. The Essex girl came to Love Island dreaming of finding the man of her dreams.

There are not much of information on this beauty because she came into the limelight just in recent months. When she appeared in Love Island for the first time, it took no time for her to make fans in short period of time.

Image result for chyna ellis Chyna Ellis, source: Daily Mail

With pouty lips,  long legs, perfect body shape, blonde hair and a killer tan, it's obvious that Chyna was the constant on Love Island to look out for.

Image result for chyna ellis Chyna Ellis source: The Sun

If you are already a  fan then, you should know that her USP is her unusual name because she looked like a China Doll at her early age.

Related image Chyna Ellis at Island Love, source: My Showbiz

Now, this blonde bombshell Chyna Ellis has already caught attention on the screen and is set to cause a storm in Love Island Villa.

Chyna Ellis's relationship and affairs

Love Island is Chyna first TV appearance, so her past life is still under the curtain.However, that is some of the interesting facts that you need to know about the new Island arrival.

Image result for chyna ellis Chyna Ellis, source: Daily Mail

Chyna is set to make some serious commitment in the show as she wants to have relations outside the villa and move on and find someone to settle down with.

Ellis last relationship was about four and a half years and haven't revealed much about her previous boyfriend.

Image result for jonny mitchell with chyna ellis Jhonny Mitchell and Chyna Ellis, source: Daily Mail

With some plot and twist in the reality show, Chyna instantly hit the news after she shared a steamy kiss on a bed with Kenn  Cetinay. Looks like she is on her way to find love.

Image result for chyna ellis kiss with kenn Chyna Ellis kiss Kenn Cetinayon bed as Amber Davies is devasted, source: WSBuzz.com

In the news of Chyna getting pretty cozy with Kem, Ellis named again with another contestant Jhonny Mitchell. But after not so long Chyna and Jhonny relationship, Mitchell dumped and left her devasted.

Image result for chyna ellis Chyna Ellis cuddling Love Island co-star Theo Campbell, source: Daily Mail

Right after the humiliating action from Mitchell, Ellis got close to Theo Campbell. They cuddled each other in an even after Mitchell dumped Chyna. Seems like sweet revenge.