Love Is Blind Couples That Are Still Together

HitBerry TeamPublished on   02 Jun, 2020Updated on   02 Jun, 2020

Getting together, falling in love, and eventually getting engaged might seem ordinary, but would you do it without knowing how your partner looked? Well, Netflix’s buzzy dating show, Love is Blind, definitely had a couple of contestants who would agree with that idea.

The three-week event reality show consisted of a total of 30 contestants, out of which six of them got engaged. While a few agreed that Love is Blind and got married, plenty of them split on their wedding day. 

But with the reunion episode, we did see a few rekindled relationships. So, let’s find out which of the couples of Love is Blind is still together after the show.

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton

Lauren Speed and Cameron Hamilton were definitely the most solid couple on the show. After instantly hitting it off on the first day, the couple ended up getting married in 2018.

As of 2020, the content creator and the data scientist are still married and have been getting to know and learn about each other as the day passes. During the ‘Love is Blind’ reunion, the couple confirmed that they are still happily together and can’t wait to start a family. 

Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett

Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett smile as they pose for a picture during a Love is Blind event.

Although Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett did not hit it off instantly like Lauren and Cameron, the duo still managed to become one of the two couples to say “I do.” While Barnett was confused between three contestants in the pod, he definitely made the right decision choosing Amber.

Fast forward to a year and a half later; the couple is still happily married. They did have to work out their differences, but after having talked it through, they managed to make it work. 

Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli

Damin Powers and Giannina Gibelli look at each other during a Love is Blind event.

Business owner Giannina Gibelli and General Manager Damian Powers had a strong bond but not strong enough to get married. While Giannina said “I do” on their big day, Damian decided to call off the wedding. 

Despite having to go through the devastating moment, the couple got to talking and ended up getting back together. In one of the interviews with Oprah Magazine, Damian said that they were exploring and finding out everything that life has to offer before going down that road again.

Danielle Drouin and Rory Newbrough/Matt Thomas

Danielle Drouin and Matt Thomas take a selfie on a ferry.

There were plenty of couples who were kept away from the spotlight, and among them was    Danielle Drouin’s relationship with not only one but two men. We all know that Danielle was engaged to the unpaid therapist of the unscripted show,  Rory Newbrough. But shortly after the engagement, the couple parted ways.

Not long after their split, Danielle started dating another Love is Blind contestant, Matt Thomas. Sadly the relationship did not last as Matt wanted an open relationship, which Danielle did not agree with. 

Despite the two failed relationships, Danielle says that Love is Blind has helped her romantic life.

With over six couples getting engaged and only three making it work, the show definitely taught us that relationships are tough to maintain. The newest season two and three of Love is Blind is set to release on Netflix soon.