Louise Minchin Married David Minchin; they're Happy with their Children

HitBerryPublished on   18 Aug, 2017Updated on   18 Aug, 2017

A British journalist and a news presenter, Louise Minchin, she married David Minchin in 1998. The best relationships start off as friendship and the relation of Louise and David also started with friendship. Now, they are happily enjoying their married life.

It's a tough job for every girl to maintain professional as well as personal life but there are awesome ladies like Louise Minchin who is perfectly handling the personal and professional career. Read more to know about Louise and David married life.

Louise Minchin married David Minchin

Louise and David first became friends before officially starting dating. They first met through the friend while studying at the University of St. Andrews. They became friends and soon turned into best friends. Now, the best friends are sharing a joyful married life.

Sources claim that the couple tied the knot on June 6, 1998. They married in a village of Hemisphere in a small church. And only around 40 people got a chance to attend their special day and ceremony. The couple still did not disclose detail information regarding their married life.

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Louise Minchin and David Minchin Louise Minchin and David Minchin

In one of the interviews with Express, she expressed her joy of being married to David Minchin. She revealed that her wedding day is the best day of her life. Want to know an extra part of her married life? Her husband, David Minchin is not the one she kissed first. She kissed someone before her husband.

Louise and David is blessed with two children in total. She first gave birth to a baby girl, Mia Minchin in the year 2002 who might be 15 years old. Again after three years, she gave birth to their second child, a baby girl again, Scarlett Minchin who is 12 years old. They also live with a pet Labrador, Waffle.

Louise Minchin with her daughters Louise Minchin with her daughters   Source: mirror

Louise Minchin Family Life

Louise is a family person and loves to spend most of her time with the family. Though she is extremely busy, she still manages to separate and spend quality time with the family;

When Chester Chronicle asked her she what would do if only she had an hour left on the earth. She smiled and said that she would love to spend that moment with her family. Isn't that something very good to hear?

She revealed with Express that every Friday night is her best day. As the whole Minchin family gathers together for "Curry and Movie Night", it's her favorite day. She also revealed:

"Friday night is a special time for us as a family as its curry and movie night. I will have been up since 3.40am to present BBC Breakfast, so we tend not to go out. I'll watch a film like Despicable Me with my daughters with one eye on my briefing for the show the following morning. Then it's off to bed at around 9 pm.

Louise Minchin with her daughter Louise Minchin with her daughter     Source: dailymail

Balancing personal and professional life, Louise is happily living a blissful married life with husband David Minchin with two children and a pet Waffle.