Louise Minchin, age 47, wears the same dress on air as fellow TV host Carol Kirkwood

November 28, 2015
First Published On: November 28, 2015
by HitBerry

What would you do if, after shuffling through your wardrobe, you finally find the perfect dress for the day, but as you walk out of your house, you see someone else wearing the exact same dress? Would you turn back and wear something else? Would you be surprised and take it lightly and move on? Or would you be too embarrassed to look at the person? Well we don’t know about you, but we do know what TV presenter Louise Minchin would do.

Last month, the television personality, Minchin suffered the same fate as she and her fellow TV presenter Carol Kirkwood appeared in BBC Breakfast 3 wearing exactly the same dress. The clothes that these two ladies were wearing were exactly the same, except for the color. 

As soon as the women showed up in the similar frock in the show, the viewers pointed out the flaw very quickly. Though the embarrassment was clearly seen on both Louise and Carol’s faces, they did their best to hide it. After all, it was just a coincidence. But clearly, it is every woman’s worst nightmare, isn’t it?

Both the presenters looked stunning in the Diva Catwalk’s Nadia Color Block Sleeved Dress, which costs £115. They looked absolutely amazing. And we all know how difficult it is for a female TV personality to maintain her fashion and style while on air – one small step can be disastrous. What if two people end up wearing the same clothes? The Horror!!! Or one could have a wardrobe malfunction at any moment. So Louise, who is quite choosy about her clothes and accessories, didn’t see it coming as she hit the stage in her dark blue frock and bright blues blouse. 

The anchorwoman was left stunned when weather presenter Carol showed up in a similar outfit with a pink top and purple bottom to give the updates on the morning weather condition. But despite the awkward encounter, the two professional managed to ignore it as they were on air. 

Carol, aged 53 later took on to Twitter and wrote to clarify that she didn’t knowingly don the same dress on the show. She wrote: "For those asking, lovely @louiseminchin and I didn't deliberately wear the same dress (in different colors) this morning - pure coincidence."

The TV presenter, aged 47, was quick to add. She wrote: "A late change on my part!" She further added: “So, I changed at 5 to 6 so I wasn't wearing the same as @stephbreakfast and managed to put on the same dress as @carolkirkwood! #dressclash” 

Despite the awkwardness, the two leading lady were able to hide their embarrassment and openly admitted that they didn’t wear the same cloth to compete with each other. It all happened unknowingly. 

Louise is married to her longtime husband David Minchin. They tied the knot on 6 June 1998.The couple has two children, both daughters; Scarlett and Mia.