Louis Tomlinson, age 24, having baby with Briana Jungwirth, after Breaking up with Eleanor Calder

July 21, 2016
First Published On: July 21, 2016
by HitBerry

The news about Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder has been a hype in the social media.Louis Tomilson who is one of the members of the very famous band One Direction has been in constant news because of his affair. It was reported that last year, 24-year-old Louis Tomlinson was expecting a baby with Briana Jungwirth. Louis’s relationship with student Eleanor Calder was known to most but the sudden news of Louis’s baby came as a shocker. Although we know Louis as a singer and actor but we know nothing more about Briana other than her being the mother of Louis’s child.

Louis has been quite happy during Father's Day. 



Everything there is to know about Briana Jungwirth

24-year-old Briana who resides in Calabasas, California is thought to be a graduate of Agoura High School in 2010. She works as a stylist and has personal preferences for short dresses. She used to live with her mother, stepbrother and her little brother in California until she moved out after she was pregnant. She has full support from her parents and family members.  According to Daily Mail, Briana’s father Joe described her as “strong, but shy”. Furthermore, he stated that the news came as quite of a shock.”They are kids and stuff happens all the time, still I am in full support for my child. I love my girl to death” mentioned Brianna’s father Joe to the news sources


Briana with her baby bump

Briana with her baby bump

How long did Louis and Briana’s relationship last?

They met through friends back in May – not so long after his split with Eleanor; pretty and blonde Briana was seen together with Louis last year in a series of dates. They were even seen holding hands together at the back of Louis’s car after they attended Snoop Dog’s album release party in LA.

Louis has rented a three-bedroom apartment for the mother and his baby in Los Angeles. Although there is no such confirmation regarding Louis and Brianna’s relationship, according to a conversation of a source to Daily Mail, Louis thinks Briana will be a great mother. They have been really close friends and the baby has brought the two even closer than before. Louis has been dating The Originals star Danielle Campbell since December 2015.


Briana and Louis spotted together in a car in LA

Briana and Louis spotted together in a car in LA

Custody fight between Louis and Briana over his current girlfriend Danielle

Over 2 days back it was reported that the One D singer is going to court in order to gain joint custody over his child so that he can have equal access to 5-month-old Tomlinson.  According to TMZ, Briana has recently denied access to Louis to meet their son. What might possibly be the reason for this? Apparently, Briana doesn’t feel safe around Louis’s current 21-year-old beau Danielle Campbell and thinks that she poses a safety risk to the child.

Seems like Louis has been missing his little son a bit more than we expected.


Louis's current girlfriend Danielle Campbell (L) and the mother of Louis's child Briana (R)

Louis's current girlfriend Danielle Campbell (L) and the mother of Louis's child Briana (R)

What about Louis’s ex-girlfriend Eleanor?

Louis’s former girlfriend who is a 24-year-old British graduate has remained silent since the news of Louis being a father was spread over social media. Fashion blogger Eleanor and 1D star still do follow each other on Instagram and Twitter but they have not been spotted together since their split.



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Louis's sister is in full support of Briana

As a whole, both sides of the family are in full support of the baby. 15-year-old Felicite Tomlinson Deakin who is the half-sister of Louis, even reached out on Twitter to tweet about how strong the bond between two different families are.




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