Lou Dobbs net worth in 2017: He has a house in West Palm Beach, Florida

January 20, 2017
First published on:January 20, 2017
by HitBerry

Louis Carl "Lou" Dobbs; American author, anchor, television personality and radio host. He is best known for his outstanding interacting skills in the show "Lou Dobbs Tonight". He has the personality and class that cannot be handled by anyone.

Everyone is just so keen to know the net worth of this gentleman. Here, we will be discussing his net worth, his source of income and his mansion. Know more about his marriage life too. Read more:

Lou Dobbs Net Worth

Lou Dobbs has been working in this particular field since many years. He has been working as anchor, host and author thus is always estimated to have a huge amount. To be more exact, Lou Dobbs is estimated to have around $10 million. There were rumors once regarding that Lou was paid around 6 million per year as the salary at the CNN. But, we are quite not so sure about it. He also received around $8 million severance pack while he got retired from CNN in the year 2010.

Lou Dobbs

Lou Dobbs

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We cannot say that the journalism is the major source of his income as he is also very active in the political sectors.

While going through his Instagram account, he has shared a couple of photos of present president Donald Trump's quotes.  He is also known as a hypocrite and is actually a big supporter of Donald Trump's presidential bid.

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Lou Dobbs's 300 Acre Farm

He also owns a 300 acre of in Sussex, New Jersey which includes the white mansion, a small beautiful pond and especially "HORSE FARM". The place is actually bought by Lou to raise many horses for her daughter Hilary who is a riding champion.


Lou Dobbs house in West Palm Beach, Florida

Lou Dobbs actually owns two very beautiful mansion; one in Wantage, NJ and another one is located in West Palm Beach, Florida. Lou is living in his big mansion in Florida. Lou has been very much secretive and has not revealed any photos of his mansion. However, we can imagine how beautiful and stylish his house would be. But don't worry; we have traced the map of the house. Have a look:

Lou Dobbs house in New Jersey

Lou Dobbs's house in New Jersey

Lou Dobbs's house in West Palm Beach, Florida

Lou Dobbs's house in West Palm Beach, Florida

Lou Dobbs Marriage Life

Lou Dobbs is a married man and is married to Debi Segura in the year 1982. It’s been around 35 years of their marriage and still the relationship is going on the right track. Actually, this is his second marriage. He previously tied the knot with Kathy Wheeler in the year 1969. After spending 12 years together, the problems started growing bigger which resulted in divorce. The couple got divorced in the year 1981.

Lou Dobbs with his wife Debi Segura

Lou Dobbs with his wife Debi Segura

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