Lizzie Cundy, Ex-WAG, Flaunts in Anna Lous Bikini. Jason Cundy Once Husband, Cheated and Divorced.

HitBerryPublished on   16 Aug, 2016Updated on   09 May, 2021

Elizabeth "Lizzie' Cundy is an English TV presenter, radio presenter, showbiz, fashion And Beauty advisor as well as a model. Her married life with Jason Cundy ended after 18 years and now she is focused on herself.


Cundy showed off her flawless toned figure while soaking up the sun in the Maldives. 

in 1994, but they separated in 2010 and divorced in December 2012. They have two sons, Josh and James. Lizzie was stunned after finding out the truth about her husband Jason cheating on her with opera singer Hannah Pedley, just through a mere co-incidence - on a train. 

Lizzie relaxing after hosting the International Tourism Festival

Lizzie Cundy relished every luxury being a wife and girlfriend of the Premier League Footballer Jason Cundy. She was regarded as the most glamorous WAG and was always in the eyes of media. She worked really hard and has immensely dedicated her life to family.  

Lizzie having unlimited fun while showing off her curved body on the beach of Maldives

Lizzie Cundy felt extremely worse being let down by Jason Cundy. She gave up her career to be a mother and even took proper care in each and every situation for Jason. Now, Lizzie decided to give time for her career. Her children are all grown up now.

Lizzie posing off to show hows it's done in Maldives. wearing a scarlet one piece bikini.

Lizzie Cundy nurtured Jason Cundy during his illness. Jason was said to have the symptoms of cancer  which remained for the short interval of time.Lizzie stood by him through radiotherapy and even managed cancer charity. After all this love Lizzie found Jason has been cheating on her with a family friend. 

Lizzie showing off her action while riding jet-ski and surfing

Lizzie Cundy after being divorced did not claim any spousal support  like most women. Maybe she wants to show the power of independent women. She says it liberating, as now she can freely think about herself and focus on her career.

Lizzie wonders along the sand with a bright yellow surfboard in her hands

Lizzie Cundy and Jason Cundy have two sons, Josh,20, and James,13. After the divorce, the two sons live with their mother Lizzie. But Jason Cundy  filed a court case for Lizzie's unreasonable behaviour. He claims that Lizzie denied to let Jason see his two sons, whereas, Lizzie's friend got really offended and expressed that she was always ready to let Jason see the boys. 

Later after her divorce, she made her West End acting debut, starring in the satirical musical WAG. It was even said that she signed up for a couple of movies after her divorce. Lizzie Cundy also has made plans to work in America and have more appearances in television shows.


Lizzie Cundy doing yoga poses on the beach of Maldives.

Fashion icon Lizzie never fails us to live up to her stylish standards. Wherever she goes, she is known for her unique fashion styles. Even at such an age, she manages to perfectly outrun young women who try their level best to portray as a fashion icon. 

Lizzie runs her own website which includes her blog as well. Although she hasn't been much active, it would help one to know much better about Lizzie. She has added different columns for pictures and videos of herself too. 

In 2014, according to Daily Mail, she admitted that she suffered various periods of depression; she also experiences weight loss - "When I am not happy, I find it difficult to eat" she added. In September 2014, she also expressed that she was suffering from pre-cancerous condition Barrett's oesophagus - she believes that she has had this condition due to her prolific drinking habit. 

Just how any single individual would leave everything behind to pursue what they love, Lizzie too relinquished her university career to pursue as a model. She entered the modelling industry at such a young age of 18. At her teenage, she was introduced by the one and only fashion photographer Lt. Norman Parkinson.