Lisa Oz is married to husband Dr. Mehmet Oz since 1985 celebrating healthy heart with 4 children

HitBerryPublished on   28 Sep, 2016Updated on   28 Sep, 2016

Many of you who don't know who Lisa Oz is, she is a Pennsylvania born actress, producer, writer and a recurrent host of The Dr. Oz Show. She has been married to Turkish-American cardiothoracic surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz. Their family is one big happy family with four children.

Liza Oz and husband Dr. Mehmet Oz's relationship

53-year-old Lisa and her husband Mehmet, who is 3 years older than her, have been retaining their 31 year old marriage vows till today. The couple who got married in 1985, are still madly in love with one another.

Do you know the reason for this? Our very own doctor Mehmet Cengiz Oz, who was a professor at Colombia University in 2001, claims that it is because of their intimacy in their bedroom which keeps their relationship fresh, as per Daily Mail. He even suggests all couples to have sex at least twice a week. On the other hand, in an interview, Lisa provides her own view point where the growth of mind, body and spirit are the essentials for a healthy relationship. 

Being such high-profile celebrity dou's they have managed to make time for one another, who are blessed with four children.

During one of her interviews, the host of her own radio show on Oprah's radio network expressed that she has come to realize and fully understand that her busy doctor husband puts work before family. "In the past, I used to wish him to work less and spend more time with me. But as years passed by, I understood that you cannot always wait the other person to come to you, you gotta take a step forward." she added along with her other statement.

Bestselling author Dr. Oz, provided five tips to maintain a healthy relationship - to Shape. According to the renowned heart surgeon, one must focus on the positive, provide some respect, remain happy, express one's passion and indulge in intimate-physical activity - these were the aspects which has helped him and his wife to sustain their marriage since these many years.

Lisa Oz and her husband at Oprah's 10th Anniversary

Lisa Oz and her husband at Oprah's 10th Anniversary

According to Shape, Lisa is grateful to have met a doctor who is also an excellent chef. Lisa being a vegetarian gets to taste wonderful dishes from her husband's hands.

Lisa Oz and husband Dr. Mehmet's children

The couple has four beautiful children named - Daphne Nur, Arabella Sezen, Zoe Yasmine, 21, and their youngest child a son, Oliver Mustafa. Daphne, the eldest child, 31, has been the co-host of ABC's show The Chew, is also married to her college boyfriend since 2009 and has two children.

Parents to four children, Mr. and Mrs. Oz always indulge their children into numerous outdoor activities. Author of You: The Owner’s Manual series, Lisa and her husband introduced the Oz Olympics where their kids could play series of games and would each win a medal they would excel at. "This definitely helped the kids to know their strengths", she added in an interview with Shape.

The Dr. Oz Show and Bestseller Lisa

Lisa's husband Mehmet Oz runs his own show called The Dr. Oz Show since 2009. Previosuly, he used to work at The Oprah Winfrey Show. All their children have been featured at least once in the show. Moreover, Dr Oz runs his own magazine, his own blog and also conducts his own radio talk show - apart from his daily show.

Bold and Beautiful brunette beauty has been listed six times under the New York Times best sellers list for her books such as The Oz Family Kitchen.