Lisa Kerney Net worth: Also her annual salary and career is growing rapidly. Wife of Patrick Kerney

October 24, 2016
First published on:October 24, 2016
by HitBerry

Lisa Kerney; a popular host and a skillful anchor: she comes from Kansas City, United States of America. Right up ‘till the present day, she has made a lotta money through her profession as an ESPN host. She didn’t just earn peoples’ heart but also a huge amount of money. And with that being said, Lisa’s net worth and salary is heading for the sky.

Lisa Kerney’s Net Worth

She sure is pretty; and so is her net worth. Lisa Kerney’s, as of 2015, earns in 6 figures. As about her salary, it is no less than other popular and wealthy Journalists around the globe. Also, her ring sure does indicate that she lives a prosperous life. Furthermore, if you add up her husband’s (Patrick Kerney) net worth, they are considered as one of the wealthiest couple in the whole United States. 

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Patrick Kerney and Lisa Kerney.

Patrick Kerney and Lisa Kerney.

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Lisa Kerney’s Salary

To let ya know, ESPN is the most popular sports channel of all; and it’s pretty obvious that they earn a lot. My point is that they provide awesome salary to their employees as well. As indicated by glassdoor, experienced anchors earn from $50,000 to few million dollars per month. Isn’t that just awesome? 

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Lisa Kerney’s Education Background and Career

Lisa Kerney went to Lynn University in Florida and graduated with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Prior to her graduation, she interned at the ‘Time Warner Cable Sports Channel’ in Kansas City, Missouri.

Lisa first worked with a Columbia Broadcasting System in Monstana called ‘KXLF’. Later, she worked as a sports anchor at a television station based in Seattle called ING-TV during the weekends. She worked there for like 5 years starting from 2005.  

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In 2010, she departed from the station and started to work for MLB Network, aka ‘Major League Baseball Network’. Then, she joined WCBS-TV in New York and worked there for a year. Lisa Joined ESPN in 2014 and her work there involved with being a studio anchor and a host. She is still working for ESPN and making a hell lotta money.

Lisa Kerney’s way of living

With pictures that she has shared on Instagram, I must say her way of living in way above than normal people in the United States. The places she visits, the food, her dressing sense; everything indicates that she has a first-rate life. 

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Lisa Kerney’s Ring

Just look at her ring. Doesn’t it look like it’s one hell of a ring? That is to say, from the appearance, it looks enormous and I think it is all precious stone. Also, as showed by diamondregistry, diamond rings may cost us in the middle of $3,080 to $26,950 per carat. Can you believe it? It is like wearing money on your finger, lol. 

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