Linkin park is the best Alternative Rock band at AMAs 2017- All honors to the late front man Chester

November 24, 2017
First Published On: November 21, 2017

Linkin Park is the favorite alternative rock band of almost every 90’s kid and when the band’s legendary frontman Chester Bennington, who had been fighting depression for a long time decided to end his life four months back everyone was left in tears.

Last night when 45’th American Music Awards (AMAs) was held where Linkin Park was voted the best alternative rock band of the year, everyone took their time to honor the legendary frontman.

Chester's memories lingers at 45'th AMAs

Mike Shinoda, who started the band along with other members joined in at the AMAs to receive the award. He then told everyone to appreciate whatever they have got and appealed his fans to make Chester proud.

As a smiling photograph of Chester lingered in the background while they took the stage, everyone turned emotional. The atmosphere filled with Chester’s lingering memories as Shinoda appreciated the other nominees and took a moment to remember his talented fellow band member.


Linkin Park band members, honored Chester Bennington with an emotional 3-hour-long tribute show on 27 October. They are slowly recovering from the loss of their front man. They are all set to release a concert album “One More Light Live”. It will include their 16 hit numbers like “numb”, “heavy” and much more along with their latest studio album’s title track.

The legendary singer Bennington has inspired many teenagers during the 90’s and 2000’s with his songs. Now, all they are left with now are memories which they are going to cherish forever. The singer’s legacy will continue to shine but Linkin Park will never be the same without Chester Bennington.