Lily Collins is the voice of Peter Pan audiobook.

Our princess is back again with another magical tale.

Lily Collins, who played Snow White in Mirror, Mirror, is the narrating voice for J.M Barrie’s classic 1902 novel Peter Pan, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up. The actress will be narrating for the Audible Studios’ production of the story.

Lily Collins as Snow White in Mirror Lily Collins as Snow White in Mirror, Source: NY Daily News

The 27-year-old actress will be reciting the story from a grown-up Wendy’s POV. She’ll be telling the story of Neverland to her (Wendy’s) daughter, Margaret.

Youtube: Behind the Scenes with Lily Collions


The actress spent two days in a studio in Los Angeles recording Peter Pan. It was this very moment when the exclusive behind-the-scenes video was shot. In the video, Collins narrates the last pages,

"They are now embarked on the great adventure of the night when Peter flew in looking for his shadow,"

Audible Studios remarked on Collins’s performance as the narrator of Peter Pan to PEOPLE as,

"We knew that her youthful energy would give Peter’s magical adventures the fresh take necessary for listeners to rediscover their favorite characters once again. Her range as an actress and soft, melodic voice really brought the story to life in a new and exciting way."

Collins in the LA studio narrating Peter Pan Collins in the LA studio narrating Peter Pan, Source: PEOPLE 

“I don't want ever to be a man," Collins talks passionately as Peter Pan. "I want always to be a little boy and to have fun. So I ran away to Kensington Gardens and lived a long, long time among the fairies."

The complete audiobook of Peter Pan, the Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up will begin sales starting May 10.