Liam Cunningham and his wife, Colette getting a divorce?

HitBerryPublished on   28 Mar, 2016Updated on   28 Mar, 2016

Liam Cunningham, one of the stars of the popular show, Game of Thrones is rumored to be having an unstable and rocky marriage with his wife, Colette at the moment. However, Liam has dispelled all such unwanted and petty rumors aside and indicating that he and his wife are having a very happy and content married life.

Liam and his wife Colette currently living in Dublin, Ireland have a very wonderful life with their three children. Their daughter, Ellen being the eldest is closest to Liam and his two sons Liam Jr and Sean are rumored to be mother’s favorite.

Liam has been married to his wife for a long time now. However, the questions of divorce or even indications on those lines have never arisen in the Cunningham household.

Liam’s professional life has been as illustrious as his personal life. Even as a young actor he proved his worth with his unique and diverse ability to portray various characters on screen. However he began his acting career in his mid-twenties.

In his earlier roles he mostly made cameo appearances eventually climbing up the ladder to secure major pivotal roles in the industry. Some of his earlier notes worthy performances are “Into the West”, “War of the Buttons” “Jude and “First Knight”.

Starting from scratch in recent years he has been cast as a major actor in all of his recent movies. Out of which his most immediate movie is “Pursuit”. Last year he was part of three movies which were all well received by fans and critics

However he has had more success in the TV show sector than movies. He has been a regular cast member of the show Game of Thrones. And in many surveys he is considered to be one of the most liked characters by fans of the show. The creators have also acknowledged him to being one of the main actors in the show.  

However, Game of Thrones is not the only TV show Liam is a part off. His other noteworthy performances in TV has come from shows like “Titanic: Blood and Steel”, “The Clinic” and in his early days he was known for the show “Roughnecks”.

He is currently engaged with the upcoming season of Game of Thrones and is also working on the seventh season of Doctor Who where he will be playing a vital role in the show. In terms of awards Liam is a highly decorated actor.

He is one of the few Irish actors who have won two Irish Film & Television Awards and shares a BAFTA Award with popular German actor Michael Fassbender for their short film “Pitch Black Heist”.

Liam’s net worth has been estimated to be somewhere around $2 Million. It has been understood that he has made most of his earnings through his various acting stints.