Who is Lexi DiBenedetto? Is she still Single or Married? Know about her Boyfriend, Affairs and Relationship

May 28, 2018
First Published On: May 28, 2018

Lexi DiBenedetto is an American actress born and raised in Carolina Beach. As of now, he has appeared in several movies and TV series. DiBenedetto is very successful in her professional life but what about her personal life? Is she married or dating someone?


With her talent and versatility, she has earned a lot of fans and followers who really want to know about her relationship status. Today on this particular topic, we will talk about her personal life. So stay tuned till the end as we disclose her relationship status. 

Lexi DiBenedetto's Relationship Status

Lexi DiBenedetto, who just turned 19, is not married till the date. Talking about her love affair and other personal matters, her life is just like a top-secret recipe of some big famous delicacy. Such a private person, isn't she? None of the media personality has found her linked with any guys.

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto
SOURCE: Instagram


Even after taking a closer look at her Instagram, we couldn't find any of her pictures which can describe Lexi's affair. As she is involved in an acting since seven, almost all of her pictures are about her professional life. As per her social media profiles, she is very close with her colleagues and often shares pictures with them.

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto with her colleague
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto with her colleague
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto with her colleague
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto with her colleague
SOURCE: Instagram

So, seeing all this, we can say that she might be currently focusing on her professional life without involving herself in any type of love affairs. 

Lexi DiBenedetto's familial support and relationship with them

A family is not only the important thing it's everything. We need family in each and every step of life and it's true for Lexi too. Actress Lexi has a full support from her family. Although she is from North Carolina, her parents moved to LA for the sake of her acting career.

So, her relationship with her family is very good. If we go through her social media, we can see her bond with her family: father, mother, and siblings. As per her post, her father is one of the most wonderful humans in this world and her mother is like her best friend and she loves both of them very much.

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto with her dad
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto with her mother
SOURCE: Instagram

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto with her mother in her childhood days
SOURCE: Instagram

Besides her parents, she also has a good term with her cousin. She and her cousin spend most of their free times together and enjoy their holidays in various ways like swimming, going for dinner and many other ways.

CAPTION: Lexi DiBenedetto with her sister's SOURCE: Instagram

Top 10 Facts of Lexi DiBenedetto

1. Lexi DiBenedetto was born on March 21, 1999, in North Carolina.
2. She currently resides in LA with her parents.
3. Her parents moved to LA, to support her in an acting career. 
4. In 2014, she won the Young Artist Award.
5. At the age of seven, she established herself as an actress.
6. She is the member of N.A.S.C.A.R.
7. Besides acting, she loves to do horseback riding, photography, and martial arts.
8. Her birth sign is Aries.
9. She is born to parents Joe and Michelle DiBenedetto. 
10. She has also appeared in Memoria as the role of Kelly produced by James Franco.