Lewis Hamilton spotted with Girlfriend Sophia Ritchie, are they dating?

Celebrities life is full of gossip. Their dating life, love life, and personal often find its way to the news as they keep on and off relationship with their co-star. A similar case can be seen with the British Formula one racing driver Lewis Hamilton which dated lots of women in the past and still is linked with several actors and models.

Recently, Lewis is linked with the 18-year-old model Sophia Ritchie. Both got lots of past relationships. We know Lewis Hamilton as one of the greatest drivers in the history of the Formula one but what were his dates history off the racing track. Let's know about him.

Lewis Hamilton spotted and Dating Rumored Girlfriend Sophia Ritchie

Lewis Hamilton dates lots of women in his past. Recently this 32 year of old driver hit the news as he is rumored to be dating 18 years old Sophia Ritchie. The Formula race driver, Hamilton, and Ritchie were spotted trying to keep avoid the camera by keeping their head down as they headed out for dinner.

In Beverly Hills, this couple visited the Sugarfish and the Montage Hotel's restaurant for sushi.

Lewis Hamilton and Sophia Ritchie spotted in Los Angeles, Source: Express

Lewis wore relaxed jeans with checked T-shirt and cap while teen Sophia was seen with a low-key outing in a black tracksuit top and a camera.

This wasn't the first time, they caught the attention of media. In May 2017 were seen leaving a screening of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol2 at the Whitby Hotel.

Lewis Hamilton and Sophia Ritchie after the screening of Galaxy of the Guardians vol2, Source: Express

The rumor fueled up from the last month when Lewis dropped a pic of himself shirtless which was liked by Sophia with a monkey emoji. Responding to comments of Ritchie, racer went to like a snap of this teen in a  white bikini.

Lewis Hamilton, Source: Daily Mail

However, none of them have made their relationship official in the media.

Sophia Ritchie and her affairs and relationship

You may be well familiar with the name Lewis Hamilton but what about Sophia Ritchie. Sophia Ritchie is the daughter of legendary singer Lionel Richie and his ex-wife, Diana Alexander.

Back in 2012, Sophia got linked with Jaden Christopher Syre Smith aka Jaden Smith. The ex-couple caught eyes of media as they were seen in public and different events.

Sofia Richie & Jaden Smith Stunt In Puma Footwear At Coachella, source: KicksOnfire

If you look at the dating history of the 18-year model in 2016, only one name pops out and that is singer Justin Beiber. On Aug 14, 2015,  when the "Sorry" hitmaker threatened his fan, to make his Instagram account private if they show any respect to Sophia.

But sadly, the relationship didn't last long as the six weeks of dates, they ended up their love life. After spending some good times with Sophia at her 18th birthday in the Mexico, the pair stopped their romance in 2016.

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie spotted swapping spit in Cabo San Lucas  to celebrate Sofia's milestone 18th birthday, Source: Famous fix

Before getting into the rumor with Lewis, Richie got spotted with Scott Disk on a yacht near Cannes in May 2017. Is the relationship with the Lewis is just a fling like the previous relation of Sophia's relationship?

Scott Disick flirts up a storm with Sofia Richie on a yacht, Source: Daily Mail

As for now, we can just Ritchie is dating Formula one racer , Lewis Hamilton. As days pass by, we will update more information on this beauty. Keep in touch with us.