Lesbian actress Cherry Jones is still very close to her ex-partner, Sarah Paulson.

April 3, 2016
First Published On: April 3, 2016
by HitBerry

Oh my god! Lesbian actress Cherry Jones is still very close to her ex-partner, Sarah Paulson.

Yes, Paulson speaks about her personal life to Broadway buzz emphasizing her breakup with her partner Cherry Jones

After cherry broke up with her, Sarah seemed to be so much devastated. While Cherry has not spilled anything about the break up thing, Sarah is onto sharing it publicly.

When Sarah shared about her break-up with Cherry, sadness was all over her face. This obviously showed the Cherry is still the cherry of her life.

She stated that breaking up with Cherry was one of the toughest decision of her life. She said it was one of the most amicable break-ups ever. When she was asked about how she is pulling it off, she replied.

“Oh god, in truth, I think that particular quote was Cherry’s take on the experience. I just came from her house, by the way — we’re obviously still very close”.

‘Still very close’, did you mark that phrase?

She added, “We’re just in very different places in our lives. I’m 34, so I’m in a, “Holy s–t, now what?” kind of place about [the breakup]. Cherry is 52, so I think she’s feeling more relaxed, more, “Oh, I’ve been with a lot of people” — well, not a lot of people, she’s not a slut! — “and I’ve had a long relationship end and now I will experience that.”

Further she said,”I’m emotionally way more freaked out than she is. We couldn’t be better friends, and she’s right — that amicable feeling couldn’t be more there between us. But breakups are always complicated!”. When she said this, her eyes were watered and she tried every possible to hide those little pearls.

Well she might be correct. Given that Cherry has not mentioned anywhere about her break up with Sarah and Sarah on the other hand does not stop talking about her, it must be true Sarah is most devastated than Cherry.

Or it can also be possible that Cherry might be crying silent tears. Don’t you think?

And we can conclude that Cherry Jones is still very close to her ex-partner, Sarah Paulson.

In that same interview, Sarah shared that she still misses Cherry on the first place. According to her she has not found anyone who she could parent a child with. Perhaps Cherry and Sarah were planning to adopt a child before their relationship went way ward. She also mentioned that she is kind of feeling off about her litter sister gets to be a mom before her.

Cherry is an accomplished American actress who has played varieties of roles in movies and Tv shows. Her net worth is estimated to be $2 million which shows the height of her success.