Leonel Campos recalled by San Diego Padres.

May 15, 2016
First Published On: May 15, 2016
by HitBerry

Refreshing the pitching staff pursuing the right hamstring injury to starter Andrew Cashner, the San Diego Padres have recall reliever Leonel Campos from Triple-A El Paso.

Because of the injury of Cashner, he was listed to 15-day disable list, and Campos replaced the game. The Padres made the move before the game on Saturday against the Milwaukee Brewers.

Luis Perdomo was identified to replace Cashner on Saturday but the manager of the club, Andy Green predicted that Perdomo would not give more than five innings so, Campos was that one reliever to give his arm.

After pitching one game in April, Campos is on his second shift with the Padres allowing seven runs in one-third of an inning on April 21 against Pittsburgh.

Padres manager Andy Green said-

"I think we had to get some depth in the pitching department today, just not knowing how it's going to go and how long Perdomo can go. We just want to make sure we don't put anyone in harm's way from a pitching perspective."