Lenny Kravitz reveals his Favorite Prince Songs

May 23, 2016
First Published On: May 23, 2016
by HitBerry

Leonard Albert Kravitz professionally known as Lenny Kravitz is one of the singers who could greatly entertain the audiences with his songs.

Kravitz seems to be a greater fan of singer Prince who passed away recently.

Not only Kravitz but many other people are there following Prince and are the diehard fans. How could anyone not be? His extravagant style of dressing and makeup, his electric work and stage performances and wide vocal range have won many hearts.

Kravitz has revealed his favorite five songs (and the reason behind loving the songs) of Prince which includes:


This song has the funky bass line. People could hardly know Prince but the song was a hit on the street and at dance parties.


The monumental track which is funky, mysterious and scary took everything to the next level.

Lady Cab Driver

Kravitz loved the minimalist quality of the song.


This song gave the beautiful feeling to Kravitz while listening to it.

Pop Life

Nobody else could do this kind of song rather than Prince. Kravitz liked the incredible melody of the song.

Above mentioned Prince’s song are most loved by Kravitz and he seems to love the funkiness in Prince’s song.