Elena Delle Donne talks about dating, boyfriends and supporting her lesbian teammates' sexuality

April 24, 2017
First Published On: April 17, 2016
by HitBerry

Elena Delle Donne is apparently the best free-throw shooter in professional basketball around the globe. Apart from her outstanding basketball skills, she is also known for supporting her lesbian teammate’s sexuality, which is a highly reserved and sensitive topic in the game at the moment.

Recently, WNBA star Brittney Griner opened up about being a lesbian during an exclusive interview with Sports Illustrated magazine. It was an extremely difficult experience for her.

She broke down half way through her statement while sharing the amount of atrocities she has had to face over the years because of her physical appearance and sexuality. However, she was immediately supported and consoled by her colleagues Elena and Skylark.

Ellen also thanked Brittney for having the courage to come out and be a role model to thousands of girls around the world who go through similar situation everyday in their lives.

Ellen, who is extremely close to her counterparts Brittney and Skylar, also said that she has nothing but respect for Brittney for the person she is.

The three stars, who are also team mates with the US women’s basketball team, have been constantly supportive of each other and even have been seen rooting for each other during their respective games.

They have also said that they are currently working very hard so that they can bring home the gold next year in the Rio Olympics.

Brittney, in turn, thanked Ellen and Skylar for their support and said that without them, she would never have been able to be free and open up about the person she truly is and that she is forever grateful toward them.

Even male athletes who have just recently started to come out as gay have supported Brittney. They have said that she created a milestone for LGBT people in the sports community and that over the years, it is going to be easier for athletes to come in terms with their sexuality.

Ellen herself has never been linked to any person on a substantial level, although she has mentioned boyfriends while in high school and college. However, nothing serious has been on the cards for her as she says she is too dedicated to her craft to divert her mind elsewhere.

She has also said that while in high school, she used to go dating frequently with a number of guys, just to see what it really was like.

Ellen, when asked about her view on getting married, responded by saying “still looking for the right guy”. She also said she will start to think seriously about marriage only when she nears retirement.

Ellen, along with her best friends Skylar and Brittney, comprise the highest paid female basketball player’s. Her direct salary from her team is an estimated $107,500 per year. She also makes side income through various other endorsements and appearances likewise.

Ellen’s net worth remains undisclosed.

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