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Leigh Sales talks about her husband, her children and how difficult the birth of her baby boy was for her.

March 30, 2016
First published on:March 30, 2016
by HitBerry

Australian author and journalist, Leigh Sales opened up about her husband, her children and the traumatic birth of her second baby boy, James on the Mamamia No Filter podcast. Sales shared her difficult pregnancy and birth of his new born son on her personal blog.

The 42 year old Leigh married her husband, Phil Willis who is of 19 years her junior. Though there is huge difference in the age of the couple, they are very much in love. Leigh believes that where love prevails, age does not matter.

The loved couple has two sons, Daniel and James. Though there were no complications when she gave birth to her first child, Daniel, she faced a lot of stress and suffering when she began expecting her second baby.

In her podcast, she admitted saying,

“I did not like being pregnant, I was just tolerating it. I wished for it to be over as quick as humanly possible.”

Leigh faced a lot of trouble during her pregnancy. She went into labor early in 2014 and suffered a uterine rupture. She had to go through massive hemorrhage and emergency surgery. She was kept in high dependency unit while her new born baby was in neonatal intensive care. Both of their conditions were very critical at that time.

After spending initial few days apart from her child, Leigh discovered that she could not breastfeed her new-born.

She explained that her body wasn’t making milk as she had lost so much blood during the surgery. Because of this, her baby was mostly bottle fed.

Despite the hindrances, Sales said that she managed to bond with James. Though she was not conscious when he was born and was not able to breast feed him, they have a beautiful bond.

The 7.30 host described the year that followed as the worst year of her life.

While she was trying to get over the traumatic birth, her son James who was just five weeks old, was diagnosed with viral meningitis. In addition to all these, she was having flashbacks from the difficult labor.

She recalled her dreadful experience saying,

“I would replay it a lot in my head…the whole, being raced down the corridor in the hospital, and what they were saying about the baby and my panic and terror and just the complete physical agony that I was in.”

“For me to be thrown into a circumstance where I had absolutely no control and was then at the other end of it incapable of looking after myself, incapable of looking after my three-year-old and after a newborn baby, it was very, very confronting and hard for me to take.”

Whatever the circumstances were, her husband really supported her. Though she had a hard time back then, Leigh has gotten back to her work. She has been taking care of her children with her loving husband in their house at Brisbane, Queensland.

Television presenter Leigh Sales would have a huge net worth as she earns a salary about $280,400 per year.