Lee Jong Suk Plastic Surgery, Before and After Picture

Lee Jong Suk is an actor and model who is another man to watch out for in the K-drama industry. Before getting involved in acting, he was a runway model. Initially, he trained for an idol group under SM Entertainment and later made his acting debut.

Apart from his professional life, the 32 years old actor has also made headlines on the internet regarding his personal life, mainly his surgery. Most of his fans agree that he had eye surgery, thanks to the apparent change in his larger eye shape. Keep reading to know in detail regarding his surgery.

Did Lee Jong Suk Do Plastic Surgery?

The talented actor Jong Suk has a huge fan following, and his fans are always curious to know about his personal life. Rumors have said that Suk had plastic surgery on his eyelids and nose (rhinoplasty). Though we never got any assurance from Jong-suk, his lovers thought this was his very first cosmetic procedure. 

Lee CAPTION: Lee Jong Suk had a nose job SOURCE: Twitter @fcsurgery

But people began speculating that he had eye surgery because of the evident transformation of his larger eye shape. His eyes used to be minor, and he had single eyelids then, which is common among South Koreans. Now, The Witch: Part 2 star's subtle double eyelids make him look more expressive, and as an actor, this cosmetic enlargement is actually helpful to his career. 

Before and After Photos Of Lee Jong Suk

After the news of his surgery surfaced on the internet, they began comparing the previous pictures of Jong Suk. If you look at his graduation photos, you would see some difference between his eyes back then versus his eyes today. The single eyelid that Jong Suk had before was surgically modified so that he has the trendy double eyelid look that so many South Korean celebrities have. 

And now, his double eyelids make him look more definitive, and this is a feature that is required for actors such as himself. If Jong Suk really did have plastic surgery, it's become one of many reasons why he is more appealing and more attractive to his fans.

The Actor Enjoys Net Worth In Millions

Talking something about his earnings, Jong Suk is one of the most loved and admired South Korean actors (like Park Shin Hye). In addition to that, he is counted on the list of one of the highest-paid actors in South Korea. According to Otakukart, Jong Suk has a net worth estimated at around $50 million.

Furthermore, the majority of his income comes from his active work in the entertainment industry. The average salary of an actor in South Korea has $41845.06. So, we can say that he makes above the average wage as he has been in the field for a long time. 

Lee CAPTION: Lee Jong-suk lives a lavish life with his massive income SOURCE: Instagram @jongsuk0206

Moreover, he has worked in various big-budget movies that must have helped him earn a good profit. Apart from that, his other income resource comes from sponsorship and endorsement deals. According to the Influencer Marketing Hub, Jong Suk has the potential to earn $44,477 - $74,128 from a single sponsored post on Instagram, where he has accumulated more than 22.3 million followers.