Learn What BFF Matt Damon Thinks About Ben Affleck’s Dragon Tattoo

Matt Damon breaks his silence on childhood friend Ben Affleck big back dragon tattoo.


Matt Damon was 10 when they become friends and he supports BFF Ben Affleck every time. In the recent interview about transforming lives with water, he explains his thoughts on his friend’s massive dragon tattoo.

The internet Fans erupted on Affleck’s long-time rumored tattoo when he was captured filming shirtless in Hawaii beach. The Batman star never talked about his ink tattoo neither revealed what that actually stands for.

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But Damon responds to his friend massive fighting phoenix tattoo in The Daily Show with Trevor Noah.

“It’s not one man’s job to tell another man what he can do to his back”

The supportive pal added, “I support him in all of his artistic expression.”

Before this, everyone assumed that it was fake and painted for movie purpose. Now it’s clear the ink was real and permanent. In fact, Damon is not only the close people who were questioned related to Ben’s tattoo.

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In Dec 2015 interview Ben’s ex-wife Jennifer Garner first brings his colorful phoenix into media attention. She later told Vanity Fair “Am I the ashes in this scenario? I take umbrage. I refuse to be the ashes.”

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Besides it, the tattoo again made news headline which is confirmed by a source that Ben said was actually for a movie.